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Anderson Direct & Digital Helps You Maximize ROI Through The Integration Of On-And-Offline Strategies

Anderson Direct & Digital is a full-service marketing agency that specialize in healthcare, insurance, travel/hospitality, financial services, and B2B. With 150 people-strong workforce, they have a strategic mix of marketing veterans and new age talent that give their clients a well-rounded perspective and strategic insight. Below is our interview with Scott Hopkins, Executive Vice President of Anderson Direct & Digital:

Q: Scott, tell us something more about the company? How would you describe Anderson Direct & Digital in your own words?

Scott Hopkins

A: Anderson Direct & Digital was founded in 1985 as a print production shop and is proud to now be one of the top 20 direct marketing agencies in the country. To us, every communication is a direct communication, so we use every channel to give our clients every possible advantage. Our programs maximize ROI through the true integration of on- and offline strategies including direct mail, email, search, DRTV, print and collateral, and social and mobile marketing. In order to execute these strategies optimally, we provide marketing strategy, creative services, data intelligence, digital marketing, media planning, and production—all under one roof.

For us, it really comes down to having an intense industry focus with proven results. Our clients look for us to strategize in order to maximize their return on their marketing investment. For us to do that well, we have to have a deep understanding of their constantly changing industry. We specialize in healthcare, insurance, travel/hospitality, financial services, and B2B. With our workforce of 150 strong, we have a strategic mix of marketing veterans and new age talent that give our clients a well-rounded perspective and strategic insight.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your services?

A: Because we are a full-service agency, we can do everything you need, in-house, and really integrate all channels for a truly cohesive marketing program for our clients. From social media to customer intelligence to print production, our in-house experts act as an extension of our clients’ marketing department and be a partner and advocate in the marketing campaign process.

Q:You’ve been honored with three awards from Travel Weekly’s 2016 Magellan Awards program; tell us something more?

A: These Magellan awards are really a testament to the remarkable 10+ year partnership we have had with Crystal Cruises. Crystal has been going through a massive brand extensions launch, so it’s been very exciting to be their partner during this huge phase of growth. We have working with them on acquiring more market share through intense database insight work to segment, identify the most profitable cruisers with the highest lifetime value, and deliver targeted messaging.

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Q: How does Anderson differ from its competition?

A: A core differentiator for us is really our level of subject matter expertise we can offer to our clients in our five key verticals. We’re not trying to be everything to everyone. We offer a full suite of marketing services to complement our in-depth knowledge of our five verticals to deliver the most optimized campaigns that elicit optimal response for our clients. The agency and production teams at Anderson truly enjoy working alongside our clients, solving problems, identifying opportunities, and providing as much value to their campaigns as possible. Additionally, it all comes back to response, as a direct marketing agency. We remain laser focused on market acquisition and acquiring a more profitable customer base for our clients, while keeping a close eye our client’s performance metrics and ROI.

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Q: What’s the achievement you are most proud of?

A: I am proud of that over the last 31 years, Anderson has never lost sight of its core values of commitment, transparency, and collaboration in delivering work of the highest quality. As we continue to evolve, as the marketing industry does, we continue to build upon our culture of proactive and passionate team members, and our award-winning marketing methodology and strategic execution for our valued clients. Also check out our blog.

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