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Arki – Analyzes Your Unique Walking Patterns To Walk Right

Developed by innovative wearable device startup Zikto, Arki is the world’s first smart band that detects your bad walking habits. Arki uses machine learning technology to provide your body balance, analyzes walking posture and tracks your daily activities.

Here you can pre-order your Arki and support the Zikto team.

Below is our interview with Brian Kim from Zikto team:

brian-kimQ: Arki helps us get our body balance back by analyzing our steps, how long have you been working on it and where did the idea come from?

We’ve been working on Arki for about a year.

Shawn’s (Shawn is our bio-mechanics specialist) sister was diagnosed as a light level scoliosis when she was 15 years old.

His parents tried many different rehab programs from belly back to physical therapy and these solutions were very expensive, time consuming, and boring.

Ever since then, her parents constantly pointed out her bad postures throughout the day. Of course, walking postures were one of them. However, it was very hard to change her posture, which she has maintained for more than 10 years. She only adjusted her postures when her parents told her to. She knew having a good walking posture was very important but she simply forgot all the time. That was the moment when we started to develop ideas and decided to come up with Arki.


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Q: How does Arki work?

World first smart band that detects your bad working habits such as looking down, crouching your back, taking hard strides, watching smartphone while you’re walking.

Once the Arki detects these bad behaviors from users, it will gently vibrate and alert the user about his bad walking postures.

Arki also measures the quality of your good walking habits and transforms into the sound walking score system. Arki analyzes user’s arm swing with machine learning technology.

  • Sound walking score measures: power walking and healthy walking
    There are common frequencies, amplitudes, velocities for users’ arm swing with healthy walking. This is how we measure sound walking.
  • Body balance analysis: if you wear your Arki another side of arm once a week or month, it compares your left and right arm swing to find out how much your body is imbalanced. At the application level, it will provide correspondent exercise drill to make you more balance than ever.
  • Biometrics: Arki analyzes your walking pattern and can be used a biometrics method, just like finger prints. Your swinging size, average temp, rotation angles, frequencies. Users will able to unlock their cell phone and personal gadgets.

Of course we support all the fitness tracker functions like any other fitness trackers.

  • Basic fitness tracking: steps, calories, sleep tracking


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Q: Tell us more about the progress of Arki?


  • We currently hold 6 patents, 2 design patents, & 1 trademark.
  • Physical delivery will be made in April.
  • After Kickstarter, the Arki will go pre order for $119

Why good walking posture is important and how will users benenfit from Arki?

Walking posture is very important and related to back pain, neck pain and knee pain. These pains are the leading causes why people visit doctors. Posture is directly correlated with these pains and having a good walking posture is all about having a good muscle memory. However, having a good walking posture and habit is so hard and we just simply forget, because maybe we are working too hard.

Arki acts as a gentle coach with a smooth nudge when you have bad walking postures.

Having a good walking posture is not only good for your health, it is highly correlated with your appearance as well.

Q: Crowd-funders helped raise over $50,000 in just 24 hours, what is your message to your Kickstarter supporters?

A: We are internally targeting to raise ~ 300K within 40 days campaign and we have reached 50K within first 24hrs.

As Hippoctates said – “Walking is man’s best medicine”.

Please share with friends,family, co-workers, media and spread out the importance of correct walking and how Arki can help.

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