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Customplayer.io – Free, Customizable HTML5 Video Builder

Developed by Manchester based software startup Igniso, Customplayer.io is a free customizable HTML5 video builder. Customplayer.io helps you create branded video players, capture email leads and drive conversions. Mike Cunsolo from Igniso team, shares more details in the interview below:

Mike CunsoloQ: What is Customplayer.io?

A: Customplayer.io is a customisable HTML5 video builder. We make it easier for anyone to brand their videos and embed it into their site. You can connect a Amazon S3 account and host your videos there, add MP4s directly or pull in your videos from Youtube.

Q: How did the idea for the Customplayer come about, and when did you launch your beta?

A: We were fed up of messing around with Javascript just to embed a video in our site and figured there has to be a better way of dealing with this. Sure there are things like Vimeo and Youtube out there, but they are about driving traffic to their sites, not your own. Plus using those platforms you are tied into using their branding. We launched the product a fews weeks ago in beta and have been amazed by the amount of people who have signed up to use it, so its clear this is an issue that affects other people too.

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Q: What are Customplayer key features?

A: You can create custom CTAs, enable social sharing and capture emails directly in your videos. Later on down the line we plan to add in-depth analytics.

Customplayer.io Features

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Q: Customplayer.io isn’t your first app. What else do you have in the works?

A: Igniso is a software company based in Manchester. We build digital products for our customers and communities, not for clients. We approach each product we build in the same way an incubator does, with the team working across various projects. These can range from developers tools like CDNify to fun side projects like Birdsong.fm. We are currently working towards releasing a new product in the January/February called Radio.co. It’s a audio streaming platform, built using Node.js, for online radio stations.

Customplayer Team

Igniso Team

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