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KickFire Drives B2B Sales Prospecting With Free Must-Have Sales Tool

KickFire came to market over 10 years ago under the name VisiStat, Inc., a website analytics company and pioneer in B2B lead identification and capture. In 2015, KickFire was launched and over the past two years have shifted its focus from web analytics to real-time intent and lead identification. Below is our recent interview with Tina Bean, Co-Founder and Vice President of Strategic Business Development at KickFire:

Tina Bean2

Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of the Free KickFire Prospector?

A: Our KickFire Prospector provides company firmographic and technographic data in a free Google Chrome extension. Designed to streamline the prospecting process, it allows B2B sales, business development, and marketing teams to discover specific personas and decision-makers within an account, qualify leads and push them into a CRM without having to leave a website.

Today, companies are working to identify and target new accounts that fit in their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for their account-based marketing and selling strategies. Company firmographic data is often used as a benchmark in ICPs and quick access to accurate firmographic data is needed for message personalization in the sales and marketing process.

KickFire Prospector provides:

• Verified firmographic information, such as industry, revenue, department, title and social profiles
• Direct email addresses and telephone numbers of key decision-makers
• Real-time analysis of web technologies (analytics, marketing automation, advertising, retargeting, etc.) used by a company
• Integration with the following CRMs: ConnectWise, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Zoho

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Q: Tell us something more about the company and your solutions?

A: KickFire came to market over 10 years ago under the name VisiStat, Inc., a website analytics company and pioneer in B2B lead identification and capture. While amassing a great deal of business intelligence over the years, we realized the power of our proprietary TWIN Caching technology and its ability to provide the most accurate IP address intelligence and B2B firmographic data in the industry.

We deliver this IP address intelligence and company firmographic data across our entire product suite of lead identification and lead intent solutions:

• KickFire API provides the most accurate, in-depth business intelligence in the industry to power predictive, intent, account-based marketing (ABM), content personalization, B2B ad-targeting, form enhancement, CRM appending, and more.
• KickFire LIVE Leads™ enables companies to tap into their website’s invisible pipeline by identifying anonymous web visitors showing real-time buying intent for their products and services.
• KickFire Prospector is a free, powerful browser extension designed to find leads, get verified contact information, and push new accounts into a CRM – all without having to leave a website.

In 2015, we launched KickFire and over the past two years have shifted our focus from web analytics to real-time intent and lead identification. We rebranded as KickFire to align our solutions and better represent our company, services, and technology.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your TWIN Caching technology?

A: TWIN Caching™ is our proprietary technology that goes beyond traditional IP address association. With a unique ability to uncover last-mile connectivity ownership, TWIN Caching provides advanced IP-to-company resolution. Similar to the way Google® caches and searches an entire copy of web content, our proprietary algorithms systematically cache and analyze over four billion IP addresses. We provide the most accurate IP address translation and in-depth information through superior data intelligence, human hands-on data integrity, global reach, live monitoring and real-time updates.

Q: You’ve recently enhanced IP-to-company identification rates in the United Kingdom; tell us something more?

A: Our recent enhancement to our TWIN Caching technology has lead to a significant increase in our IP-to-company identification rates for companies based in international markets. The growth strengthens our innovative IP-to-Company API and allows our customers to expand their IP address-based marketing strategies to markets outside the US.

Q: What can we expect from KickFire in the future?

A: In the future, we will continue to deliver the most accurate, in-depth data in the industry and expand our partnerships with account-based marketing, content personalization, ad-targeting, and other B2B sales and marketing vendors. Data integrity is the foundation for all our products and we continually strive to generate and deliver the highest quality firmographic and IP translation services.

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