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LiftMaster: Provides Smart Home Connectivity Through Expert Services And Innovative Solutions

LiftMaster is the manufacturer of commercial door operators, access control products and many more products aimed at safely and easily transforming any home into a smart home. LiftMaster is offering a wide range of device compatibility for monitoring and staying connected with their products. Below is our recent interview with Paul Accardo, Manager and Marketing Communications at LiftMaster:

Paul Accardo

Q: What advantage does LiftMaster have over its competitors?

A: For the past 50 years, LiftMaster has exceeded expectations by providing peace of mind through expert services and innovative solutions. As the number one brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers, LiftMaster products are only installed by trained dealers, so customers know that their products will work safely and reliably.

LiftMaster offers the latest technology advances, which allow our products to best serve our customers’ needs while keeping them safe and connected at all times. Key differentiators include:

• MyQ® Technology, which enables secure monitoring and control of garage door openers with a smartphone, tablet or computer.
• Garage door openers with built-in Wi-Fi®, which makes it easier than ever for consumers to connect their garage door opener to their smartphones.
• Security 2.0®, which prevents unwanted access by generating a new coded signal with every remote control click.
• Battery Backup, which safeguards access to the garage even if the power goes out.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of LiftMaster’s free MyQ app?

A: LiftMaster’s free MyQ® app, available on the Google Play and Apple iTunes app stores, offers a simple way to turn any home into a smart home, providing control of the garage and multiple home devices all through one application. Designed to integrate with most garage door brands, MyQ provides smart home connectivity with garage door control as well as home lighting and video.

To provide insight into what is happening at home, MyQ sends notifications if the garage door is left open and allows homeowners to close it from anywhere with their smartphone, tablet or computer. The MyQ app also offers a scheduling function that allows homeowners to program what time the lights turn on and off, or turn them on and off manually. Homeowners can also customize timing, allowing one setting for weekdays, one setting for weekends and another if users are traveling. This also allows homeowners to improve energy efficiency and save on their electric bill.

Additionally, through LiftMaster’s Works with Nest integration with Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor security cameras, homeowners can view what is going on at home. Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor cameras allow users access to a live feed of what is happening in the garage the moment the garage door is activated.

Q: What kinds of feedback are you getting from users?

A: We are thrilled with the response we have received from our customers. MyQ allows our customers to tap into the latest home control systems, providing greater peace-of-mind, security and access, whether they’re on vacation, at work or running errands. The LiftMaster MyQ app has a 4-1/2 star rating on the Apple app store. One user writes, “I like the feature that displays a notification when the door remains open too long. This has saved me from coming home and finding the garage door open. Having the ability to close it remotely allows me to avoid a return trip home when I’ve left in the morning but forgot to close the garage door.“

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re excited for the future of the connected home. We plan to continue developing strategic, multi-channel partnerships to further expand MyQ’s integration capabilities and are looking for opportunities to give consumers the convenience and peace of mind they desire.

Q: What’s the achievement LiftMaster is most proud of?

A: LiftMaster’s proudest achievement lies in our continual innovation, most recently demonstrated through our entrance into the connected home space. Every day, we’re changing consumers’ minds and helping them realize that the garage door opener is a vital part of the connected home. As the number one manufacturer of professionally installed garage door openers, and a major manufacturer of gate and commercial door operators, we take pride in leading the charge as technologies and industries evolve.

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