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PrismHR Helps HR Outsourcers And Small And Medium Sized Business Grow

PrismHR creates exceptional software and services, empowering human resource outsourcing service providers such as Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs) to deliver world-class HR, benefits and payroll to small and medium sized businesses. Below is our interview with Jonathan Wall, Vice President of Marketing at PrismHR:

Q: Jonathan, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to PrismHR?

A: Of course, I’m happy to. In today’s business environment, small and medium-sized business (SMB) leaders are facing ever increasing risk and complexity when it comes to managing what usually is their most expensive, and most valuable resources, their people. And access to quality benefits, that can attract and retain top employees, is extremely costly.

In the face of those challenges, forward-thinking, growth-minded SMB leaders seek to outsource Human Resource services to organizations that can provide knowledge, guidance, assistance and usually, access to world-class benefits, payroll, time tracking and other key HR capabilities.

The HR outsourcing organizations that deliver those services to SMBs need technology to run their businesses and provide software to their clients – the SMBs. That’s where PrismHR comes in. PrismHR provides the most comprehensive software for HR outsourcing (HRO) providers, who frequently identify themselves as Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs). The PrismHR platform enables HRO providers to deliver enterprise-grade HR, benefits and payroll to small and medium-sized businesses. Used by more than 80,000 SMBs via their HROs, PrismHR technology delivers payroll, benefits and HR to over 2 million worksite employees and processes more than $55 billion in payroll each year.

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Q: You’ve recently announced that service providers that use PrismHR increased their worksite employee counts by an average of 31% in 2016; tell us something more?

A: Given the challenges noted above, the combined offerings of HR services and technology from HROs have become extremely valuable for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s the combination of both expert services and great technology from PrismHR that drive this forward. Simply put, by reducing the HR and compliance burden for SMB owners and leaders, they can focus on growing their business. All of that is what drives worksite employee growth for HR service providers using PrismHR. Add in services that PrismHR provides, including sales and marketing education and resources, and you can see what’s really the enabling HR services providers and PrismHR to tap into this massive opportunity.

Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of PrismHR Platform?

A: HR service providers who use PrismHR are able to provide all of their HR services through one, integrated platform. This includes services throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to retire. Working in one platform saves time and reduces potential errors from performing the sames tasks in multiple systems. Additionally, it eliminates the headache of trying to get multiple systems to talk to each other or export and import data. So it’s easy for the SMB managers, their employees and the HR service providers to access all their HR functions through one solution.

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: We are always hard at work improving our collective offerings – both technology and services. Right now, we’re improving reporting, user experience and ensuring our customers can keep themselves and their customers compliant with ever changing regulations and requirements.

Additionally, every year, PrismHR hosts the largest technology conference for HR service providers, PrismHR LIVE. PrismHR LIVE provides education, training and networking for hundreds of PEOs and ASOs each year. This year’s conference will be held from June 13-15, in Nashville TN. Year after year, HR service providers make this their can’t-miss event.

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Q: How would HR service providers benefit from using PrismHR?

A: The PrismHR platform is built specifically for the HR service provider industry and it helps them be more efficient and flexible than ever before. By giving HR service providers the ability to work and serve their customers the way they want, it minimizes the amount of time and effort needed to complete all the necessary HR functions. Additionally, numerous safeguards built into the software reduce the potential risk that PEOs and ASOs may encounter with other technology solutions. All of this helps them reduce costs and deliver better services.

Delivering more than just great technology, PrismHR also provides services to help PEOs and ASOs grow and increase profitability. With PrismHR Training, employees get the essential training resources specifically built for their HR role, reducing the amount of time needed to get trained. Additionally, the PrismHR SEEDS program is designed to help PrismHR customers sell their HR technology more effectively with sales and marketing resources, training and much more.

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