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Room In The Moon: Make Friends In A New City And Find A Place To Call “Home”

Rafael Dos Santos
Written by: Rafael dos Santos, London based entrepreneur and founder of startup Room In The Moon:

In today’s age it’s easy to plan to move to a new city, I agree. There are millions of apps that shows you maps, photos, etc and websites that share best restaurants, museums and so on.

But if you are moving to a city you need more than the hot spots for a great photo.

When I moved from Sao Paulo to London, the excitement of the move was above the worries of what was going to happen when I arrived there. I didn’t think about getting ill, having to use the hospital, how the transport system works, etc.

I don’t think people realize how hard it is to actually make new friends in a new country and I really struggled with that. When I decided to launch Room in the Moon, the first thing I had in mind was: how to launch a platform that becomes an “ice-breaker” and introduces people who are moving to the same city? How do we connect to people who are going through a similar life story?

We found that the destination city was the first ice-breaker and if people know why they are being contacted, life is much easier.


Room in the Moon is a social travel network that introduces you to new friends and helps you to find a place that makes you feel at home. We combine social travel with accommodation.
The great thing about Room in the Moon is the competition that we are running which is attracting one new member every twelve minutes to the network. The prize is a language course anywhere in the world for two weeks which includes flights, accommodation, course and £300 in cash to spend.

There is no catch and there is no money to spend. Users just need to sign up and start sharing what they know about their city or country. Every post counts to points and every new friend they make on the site is also a point. On 31.12.2014 the user with most points wins the competition.

The point of the competition is to get people sharing, to get them connected with other people with a common destination and make their dream come true: live in another country with all expenses paid!

Room in the Moon was voted the startup of the week by Virgin Startup Program and our team is now in the USA taking part of the Velocity Accelerator program, so we seem to be in the right track! If you have joined the website and started sharing already, where in the world do you want to live for 2 weeks?

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