Startup Podcasts

How to Start a Startup

Sam Altman Lecture: How to Start A Startup
Very valuable resource for every entrepreneur. This is a series of lectures by legendary Sam Altman, given at Stanford in fall 2014. It’s a series of 20 video lectures, with links to transcripts, readings, and discussion forum.

Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner: Podcasts

Stanford University Entrepreneurship Corner
Weekly podcasts (every Wednesday) from Stanford University about entrepreneurship, with transcripts. Do we need to say anything else?

This Week in Startups

This Week In Startups
Probably one of the most popular startup related podcasts. Jason Calacanis’ “This Week in Startups” interviews big names from startup / entrepreneur community twice a week. It’s really a valuable resource for young and aspiring entrepreneurs to get the latest info on what’s happening in the tech industry these days.

Entrepreneur on fire

Entrepreneur On Fire
Another great podcast. Besides interesting episodes, where John Lee Dumas chats with today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week, you can find podcast courses, podcast workshops, follow their blog (they post detailed income reports, which are very interesting) and more.

TechCrunch Radio

TechCrunch Radio
You can find details on how to listen them on the link above, the important thing to remember is they air every Thursday at 6:00 pm ET with a replay at 6:00 pm PT. We featured this radio here, because it’s a great way to pitch your startup to TC editors, investors, and TC radio’s audience – all at the same time. Details on how to apply can also be found on the link above.
See also: TechCrunch Gadget Podcast


Mixergy Podcast
Mixergy offers breathtaking amount of resoursces. Over 1110 interviews and 162 coursers. Founders of Wikipedia, Groupon, Yahoo! and countless others hosted courses to help you become a better entrepreneur. Some of this content is available for free, and some isn’t, but we still highly recommend this.


Weekly podcast about strategy, growth and more. As they say – “You can learn valuable lessons each week from the best startup folks in the biz”.

The Tim Ferris Show

The Tim Ferris Show
The New York Times described this man as a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk. He’s a best selling author and a successful entrepreneur. In each episode, Tim reveals strategies and tricks needed to run a sucessful busines. Some of his previous guest were Arnold Schwarzeneger, Tony Robbins, Neil Strauss …


Foundation Podcast
Foundation is a video podcast hosted by Kevin Rose, founder of Digg. This podcast focuses on personal stories of startup founders and entrepreneurs. He interviewed a lot of big names, and you should definitely check this podcast out.

Startup Grind – Powered By Google For Entrepreneurs

Startup Grind Podcast
This podcast is, in fact, a series of interviews taken from live events. Most successful entrepreneurs share their thoughts on creating, developing and running a successful business. Episodes are added weekly. Some of the speakers are Dave McClure from 500 Startups, Chris Wanstrath from GitHub , Ryan Carson from Treehouse, Patrick Llewellyn from 99Designs, Kevin Rose from Digg …

Smart Passive Income Podcast

Smart Passive Income Podcast
Interesting podcast about earning (a passive income) from online business, hosted by Pat Flynn. Around 150 episodes so far. Besides podcast episodes, Smart Passive Income offers a lot of guides, revenue reports, tutorials on creating your own podcast and more. It’s certainly worth checking out.

Startups For The Rest Of Us

Startups For The Rest Of Us
Interesting podcast, more than 220 episodes so far. Mike Taber and Rob Walling host this startup podcast that reveals how can entrepreneurs and developers successfully launch a product. Episodes are added weekly.

Lean Blog Podcast

Mark Graban Lean Podcast
Mark Graban shares thoughts on running a successful lean startup, lean healthcare, lean thinking, interviews on lean leadership and more.

Product Hunt Radio

product hunt podcast
Product Hunt is a big startup name in the Silicon Valley, and they launched their own podcast. New episodes are issued weekly and the host Ryan Hoover is discussing and reviewing interesting new tech products with founders and investors.

Product People

Product People Podcast
Another interesting show. Kyle Fox and Justin Jackson host the show that teaches you how to turn a great idea into an even better product. The show includes tips for entrepreneurs, interviews and more, so they’re worth checking out.


Techzing Podcast
Interesting podcast hosted by Justin Vincent and Jason Roberts. They release episodes twice a week – one midweek interview episode where they interview interesting people, and one weekend discussion episode, where they discuss about tech, startups and other HN-like topics.

DuckTape Marketing

Great resourse to learn how to promote your product. Podcast is hosted by John Jantsch. With his guests, he covers various topics such as how to create incredible content, what is the importance of referrals, basic and best rules of sales and more.

Back to Work

Back To Work Podcast
Award winning podcast, focused on productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, and more. Hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin.

The Solopreneur Hour

The Solopreneur Podcast
Host Michael O’Neal teaches unemployed people the correct path to business success. New episode comes out every 3 days.

Monocle 24: The Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs Podcast
Monocle’s show about inspiring people and ideas in global business.

The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

My Wife Quit Her Job
“My Wife Quit Her Job” shares success stories of small business entrepreneurs. It’s interesting to mention that all entrepreneurs featured on the show bootstrapped their businesses.

Discountinued podcasts

500 Startups Podcast

500 Startups Podcast
You’ve probably heard about 500 Startups – Silicon Valley seed fund and accelerator, but maybe you didn’t know they host(ed) their own podcast. The last, 51st, episode was released on Oct 22, 2014, but nevertheless – their interviews with startup founders, influencers and entrepreneurs are great.

Duke Entrepreneurship Education Series by Duke University

Duke Entrepreneurship Education Series
This podcast is a part of The Duke Entrepreneurship Education Series (DEES), program produced by Duke University for all graduate and undergraduate students, so they can learn about key concepts of entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Seth Godin’s Startup School

Seth Godins Startup School Podcast
Seth Godin is a big name in the marketing and business world. In this series of 15 episodes, Seth guided 30 entrepreneurs through a workshop, teaching them how to run a successful business.

Founders Talk

Founders Talk Podcast by 5by5
This was an interview-based podcast hosted by Adam Stacoviak. There are 50 episodes, each about an hour and a half long. Although the last episode was released in september 2013, you can browse through some interestig material, so if you have time, give it a try.