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TravelStarter – Crowdfunding For Travel Related Projects

TravelStarter is a crowdfunding website for travel related projects. Using this platform, project owners can gain more traction and receive more funding by offering attractive travel rewards. Below is our recent interview with Blaz Jemc, Co-Founder of TravelStarter:

blaz-jemcQ: What is TravelStarter and how does it work?

A: TravelStarter is a crowdfunding platform for big and small ideas in tourism. We help businesses, such us hostels, coffee shops, hotels, travel agencies etc. get funding from travelers around the world.

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Q: How does it work?

A: John picks his next destination. On TravelStarter he finds travel services run by locals who are working hard to realize their dream but they lack funding. John likes François from Paris best. In exchange for John´s financial support François will reward him with bicycle tour from the Alps to the Adriatic and accommodation in the herbal room. This is the experience John has been looking for.


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Q: How does TravelStarter plan to generate revenues?

A: We operate by the standard crowdfunding model, by taking commission off all the donations.

Q: Is it possible for businesses to use it?

A: Of course. Most of our pilot projects are actually small local businesses that want to expand and upgrade their facilities. We are open to individuals as well, but often businesses can be a better match, since they can leverage the existing infrastructure to give users a better incentive to donate.


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Q: What is the response to TravelStarter so far and when do you plan to launch it?

A: We’ve had great response from local businesses, who love the idea of raising funds through crowdfunding, since the traditional methods of getting investments don’t work very often. They appreciate how TravelStarter not only gives them a chance to get their projects funded, but it also connects them with travelers and potential customers.

On the other hand, the response from travelers has also been quite positive. Not only that they can earn some attractive and reasonably priced rewards at their next destination, they can also feel good about it, since they support local tourism, and get to meet creative individuals behind it.

We plan to launch TravelStarter by the end of this month (November).

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Q: What can TravelStarter users expect in 2015?

A: We are launching our site with 7 pilot projects in 4 pilot countries (Slovenia, Croatia, UK, France). In 2015, we’d like to expand to new territories,  add at least 100 new projects during the year, and make sure all users can find destinations and rewards that they need.

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