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Video Sharing App Sparku Has Raised US$1.1M In Seed Funding

Video Sharing App Sparku uses the world’s best video delivery architecture to offer a service that is secure fast and global. The company recently announced US$1.1M in Seed funding from Turki Almadhi Ventures. Below is our recent interview with Chris Parker, co-founder and CEO at Sparku:

Chris Parker

Q: What’s Sparku’s story? How did Sparku start?

A: Matt (co-founder | CMO) & I floated an original idea together back in Feb 2016 to see if we could deliver a unique offering in the social media space. The market was already providing alternatives to the big players, but none of them seemed to deliver a focus on group video messaging, which we believed was the future.

We first presented an early working prototype version of the app at the RISE expo in Hong Kong in May 2016, at that time labelled SparkShare which showed our direction & allowed us opportunities to meet investors and for them to understand the passion and strength of our team.

We have run alpha programs refining both the problem we solve & the features we have developed, which in combination with a mentorship from Turki Almadihi Ventures Inc at RISE, led to them investing into Sparku.

Sparku Team 2

Q: You’ve recently announced US$1.1M Seed Funding; what are your plans?

A: This investment allows us to take all these great ideas & re-build them into a product we believe people will embrace and want to use daily.

Right now, we’re strengthening our team with some further tech hires & firming our UX / UI.
We anticipate a beta launch in the next few months & then a full launch soon after. Being based in Sydney, we’ll focus initially on the ANZ Market to ensure we have the right product for our global objectives, but we’re confident of being prominent in most key markets during 2017.
On top of all this we’re moving to our brand new office in early February.

Q: What makes Sparku a good choice?

A: We strongly believe we have something that will appeal to traditional early adopter / tech lovers and provide a new way for influencers to engage with their followers as well as give all users a fun, engaging way to communicate.

We understand our users, their needs & what features they will embrace, both those intrinsic to other platforms & those unique to Sparku.
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Q: Can you give us more insights into your features?

A: We have a focus on creation & collaboration, allowing users to express ideas & beliefs & then decide whether they share these just with friends or to the world. Your friends and followers will then collaborate with you on the content shared, creating conversations that matter.

We have a unique spin on the trend of ephemeral content, but obviously with our beta & full launch still to come, we’ll not going to reveal everything we plan to offer just yet.

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Q: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since founding Sparku?

A: A business is started from an idea, but it is the team that will help you weather the storm to make it a reality. There are many many ups and downs, even just to get to seed funding, an amazing team will inspire you on your darkest days and make you feel like a rockstar on your best days.

Sparku is currently welcoming beta users to experience the app as well as recruiting innovative startup folk to join their rapidly growing team.

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