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10EQS Helps Organizations Drive Growth And Increase Performance

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10EQS combines the power of independent top-tier consultants and specialized industry experts to help organizations drive growth and increase performance.

Below is our recent interview with Jeff Carbeck, CEO at 10EQS:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and what you do?

A: 10EQS is a leading business-knowledge provider leveraging the emerging gig-economy by combining independent top tier consultants with external industry experts. Our pedigree is management consulting and our team is comprised of former senior partners of McKinsey and Deloitte. 10EQS was founded in 2008 and now combine top management consulting capabilities with the expertise of ‘real’ industry specialists, leveraging today’s communication technology and online talent markets. We are an open organization and we operate in what we believe will be an important form of professional work in the future: independent industry specialists, collaborating online in virtual teams under the guidance of collaboration managers who – in turn – are experienced management consultants. It is this operating model that brings unique benefits in efficiency, quality and speed to our clients.

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Q: You’ve recently announced opening of Munich office; could you tell us something more?

A: 10EQS has eight offices around the globe, and recently opened a new office location in Munich, Germany. With this new presence, 10EQS is positioned to expand their on-demand market intelligence offerings in Europe while locally supporting their German-speaking clients. “We see significant demand by business leaders in Europe for deep insights and robust fact bases so they can make the right decisions. Legacy approaches tend to be shallow in expertise, slow, and expensive. This is where our expertise-driven on-demand model comes into play. We now have the opportunity to engage with leading corporates and professional services firms in this region. We want to thank our existing clients in Europe that have already joined us on this growth journey.” said Raphael Hegeler, 10EQS Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director of 10EQS GmbH, who has just relocated from New York to Munich to lead the charge locally.

Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: 10EQS provides six primary market intelligence solutions delivered by curated teams of independent top-tier consultants and external industry experts. We work with ‘real’ industry specialists to get custom market insights for you quickly.

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Q: What types of businesses do you serve? Which industries?

A: 10EQS works with B2B companies and professional services firms, covering all major industry verticals across the globe with custom teams of independent top-tier consultants and external subject matter experts.

Q: What are the benefits of working with 10EQS?

A: The biggest reason organizations enjoy working with 10EQS is because of the unique business insights that enable their teams to make the best business decisions to grow their organizations. 10EQS provides these business insights with superior efficiency, quality and speed.

Q: What can we expect from 10EQS in the future?

A: Looking forward, 10EQS will continue to innovate, offering business insights in such a way that challenges and improves the traditional consulting model.

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