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4 Tips On How To Get More Views On Social Media Apps

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Today, brands are persistently looking for tips or tricks that can help them obtain more views on social media account. Importantly, more views translate into new leads as well as better paying customers. However, social media makes it look like a herculean task especially when it comes to obtaining more views. Subsequently, here are four tips to help you gain more views on account, whether it is for your stories, profile, posts or reels.

1. Make Attempts To Optimize Your Account

In attempt to develop your social media approach, you may probably perceive your account in a similar manner to how you might think about your website’s ‘homepage’. In essence, the first thing that users on see is your profile. As such, it is important for your profile to reflect your industry as well as brand personality. Furthermore, when trying to optimize your account in efforts to earn more views, your strategy should focus, for instance, on adding pertinent links in your bio, developing a bio with keywords relevant for the content you are likely to post and using the name of your business as your username, especially if planning to switch to a business account.

2. Try Apprehending The Social Media Algorithm

Social media algorithm is seldom mysterious as most users perceive it. Instead, it is actually quite straightforward when you consider how account displays and promotes content on users’ feeds as well as explore pages. In essence, earning more views on content also relies largely depends on how well you apprehend its algorithm. As such, to obtain more views on your profile, you may consider, for instance, buying instagram views with famoid to help you develop your content in a similar manner to your competitors and to appeal to a similar audience.

3. Try Customizing Your Social Media Post

A focus on owning your niche can help you earn more impressions on your posts. As such, regardless of your niche, you should focus more on customizing your content to resonate with your specific industry as well as targeted audience. Further, while posting photos that are high quality is worthwhile start, you may still fail to appeal to more followers unless you focus on developing content that mirrors not only customer values, but also able to address pain points, and educates or entertains. Importantly, you need to think about what makes you unique from the crown and consider developing different content on that particular topic.

4. Try Experimenting With Social Media Reels

Focusing more on short form video content can help to bolster your popularity on media account. For instance, with the emergence of some short- forms video apps, various social media apps are shifting to creating their own versions of short-form video content. This is the case with Reels and if you contemplate receiving more views on your account, you should endeavor to incorporate Reels in your video marketing approach.


There several ways to help you earn more views on social media app that include, for example, buying instagram views with famoid. Additionally, the above tips are not complex by any means since all you need to do is to engage more with your audience and followers respectively.

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