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42Gears Mobility Systems Fulfils Enterprise Mobility Requirements Of More Than 6100 Customers Across The World

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42Gears Mobility Systems offers a wide range of mobile device lockdown and comprehensive remote management products. For the past 8 years the company has been providing robust mobility solutions for over 6100 clients in 105 countries. Below is our recent interview with Ashok Poojari, CFO at 42Gears Mobility Systems:

Q: How to manage finances for start-up? In terms of what you’ve learned from your experience at 42Gears, what advice would you give to our readers?

A: We are a bootstrapped Company and every penny matters to us. I’m sure this is same with most of the startups. It is a challenging task to manage the operations with the limited financial resources available at the early stage of setup. We have always emphasized on hiring freshers with growth potential and judiciously spent on experienced high cost resources. With regular training, we have now a pool of talented employees who have proved to be great assets of our Company. Additionally, 42Gears always strived to pay taxes and file returns on time with regulatory authorities to avoid any penalties/ higher outflows for the Company – managing taxes and complying with the law of the land is of primary importance to us.

It is also important for a startup to concentrate on quality of products and services offered to customers rather than spending on fancy office space, expensive equipment, lavish parties etc, which we believe are unnecessary at this juncture. However, there must be a regular allocation of funds for building a robust research and development facility to improve/diversify the quality/range of products and services. Available surplus cash should not be lying idle with Banks in current accounts instead the companies should opt for investments in those modes where the returns beat inflation. Judicious use of funds is of utmost important for any Company to survive, especially for startups in the early stage.

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Q: What is unique about 42Gears Mobility Systems and how does it stand out from competition?

A: The journey for 42Gears started 8 years ago when mobility was mostly achieved through the rugged handheld devices. It was a time when smartphones had just arrived on the scene and Android OS and tablets were still in the works. Today 42Gears fulfils enterprise mobility requirements of more than 6100 customers across the world. 42Gears now provides a 24/7 support to its customers through its multiple offices around the world.

Currently 42Gears offerings include comprehensive lockdown solution, a secure browser and a digital signage solution apart from a robust and scalable EMM platform. 42Gears EMM platform, SureMDM, can manage not only mobile phones and tablets but also other end points that are rapidly being added to an enterprise’s digital workspace. This includes laptops, desktops, printers, wearables, kiosks and rugged devices. 42Gears products work on all major platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

42Gears highly flexible and mutually exclusive products have been designed to manage, secure and control enterprise-use devices. The EMM suit products can be customized to fit as per customer’s requirements. While other market players offer all-inclusive products, 42Gears EMM suite of products cater to specific requirements of customers.

Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your SureMDM?

A: SureMDM is an intuitive and powerful enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms – particularly useful for Start-Ups and SMBs. It helps to secure, monitor and manage company-owned devices for dedicated use as well as employee-owned devices (BYOD) used to perform company tasks. SureMDM includes all aspects of EMM such as Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Content Management.

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Q: You’ve recently launched Wearable Management Solution for Enterprises; tell us something more?

A: Support for wearables by 42Gears was implemented to cater to a client’s request to make smartwatch enterprise ready. Companies across the globe are increasingly looking at Wearables to support businesses by strengthening communication, enhancing workforce mobility and productivity. 42Gears EMM Suite allows enterprises to convert Android Smartwatches into dedicated-purpose devices and remotely manage them, making them enterprise ready. Tracking, health monitoring and broadcasting options are some of the features provided by SureMDM for wearables.

Q: What can we expect from 42Gears Mobility Systems in next two years? How do you see your financial growth?

A: 42Gears has established itself as leading player in the global market by developing EMM products with highly customizable features. The succeeding course of action is to continue expanding our customer base and help our EMM solutions reach every corner of the world. Continuous upgradation and new feature additions to our products to keep them compatible with all major platforms is a constant process. At the same time, 42Gears has made tremendous strides into becoming compatible with new wearable technology flooding the market.

42Gears is one of the fastest growing Company in India and has been awarded as one of the Tech Fast50 companies for last two years by Deloitte India. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has chosen 42Gears as a winner of CII Southern Region Emerging Entrepreneur Awards 2016. 42Gears has established a local presence in the United States and an office in Manchester, United Kingdom should be operational in couple of weeks to cater to the requirements of customers from European countries. These milestone steps are not only going to continue the existing momentum but also expected to deliver us a revenue growth rate of 40%-60% in the coming years.

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