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5 PDF Tips & Tricks To Master In 2022 & Beyond

PDFs may have been around for a while, but they are not going anywhere in 2022 or the following years. The smart design of this format allows users everywhere to share well-organized documents with anyone who can use a modern internet browser like Chrome or Mozilla.

Plus, you don’t need any special drivers, tools, or apps installed on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device to view a PDF.

However, the PDF file is capable of a lot more than just making sure the information is displayed in the way the author wanted. For instance, a tool like PDFSimpli makes working with PDFs a lot simpler because it offers a wide range of tools for all types of scenarios that involve document organizing.

Still, even with such an amazing tool, there are lots of things to know about this file format. So if you are interested, make sure to keep reading!

1. Turn Documents to PDF

Even though it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, some people are still baffled when it comes to turning a regular document into PDF. Luckily, you don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to use this format.

Most modern document editors (MS Word, Google Docs, Office Suite, and more) offer the option of exporting a document into PDF format. This option is usually available under the File menu, but at times it may be positioned under the Edit menu. So, if you don’t find it in the first location, make sure to keep looking. It should be there.

2. Break Apart & Merge PDFs

Isn’t it frustrating when you have a huge document but you only need two or three pages? You’re either forced to scroll through it head to bottom or you may have to email this behemoth to colleagues or partners. Regardless of the scenario, it won’t be easy!

Luckily, PDF documents can easily be broken apart into individual pages or sections using various tools available online. The same goes for uniting two or more pages together to create one single document.

3. Smaller PDFs

The format was created with online use in mind, but as it evolved, it got more complex. Nowadays, PDF files can contain high-resolution images, complex tables, links, and other elements that increase the overall size of the final document.

When this happens, the document may become difficult to send via email or even to share. To prevent this, Adobe Reader allows users to resize their PDFs without losing much in quality. All you have to do is open the document in Adobe Acrobat, go to Document, and select Optimized Scanned PDF. Next, you will be asked to choose the level of compression that best suits your needs, and that’s all.

4. Protect your Documents

There are times when you want to share a document but want to make sure only the people you want get to see the information. Plus, you may want to protect the information from being printed, copied, or shared.

In this case, Adobe created several levels of protection for their files and users can create password-protected documents. For this, open the PDF in your version of Adobe Acrobat, go to Tools → Protect → Encrypt → Encrypt with Password. Here, choose
Require a Password to Open the Document” and type the password in the corresponding field. Once you save the settings, your document will be protected and viewers will be requested a password to be able to see the information.

5. PDF & Official Documents

The PDF document also plays an important role in our transition to a paperless world because it made possible the use of electronic documents for official purposes.

Nowadays, we can sign legal documents without having to meet face-to-face because we can work with such a well-designed format. Plus, PDF is the go-to format when working with governmental institutions in countries where online applications are accepted.

Wrap Up

While nowadays it’s a given, the PDF document wasn’t always as flexible or as easily available. This puts technological development into perspective and shows just how much we can benefit as a society when things are done right. So yes, the PDF is here to stay and grow!

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