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7 Wellness Skills You Can Learn From Social Media Accounts

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Someone once said you could probably find a YouTube video with instructions on performing brain surgery. While you wouldn’t want your life to depend on someone who received all their medical training from internet searches, there are plenty of other life skills to be gained from social media.

Keep reading to discover what Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms can teach you about living your best life.


Social media has a lot to offer when it comes to wellness skills. For example, many nutrition-focused accounts provide tips on healthy eating and cooking and recipes that are both nutritious and delicious.

In addition, these accounts often share information on the latest research and findings in nutrition, making it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest nutritional advice. Best of all, following these accounts is a great way to get motivated and inspired to make healthy changes in your own life.

Managing Your Stress

Many Instagram accounts provide valuable tips for managing stress. By following the right accounts, you can learn helpful coping mechanisms that can make a big difference in your overall well being.

You can also find support from like-minded people who understand what you’re going through. In addition to stress relief, you can also use social media to learn other valuable wellness skills, such as meditation and mindfulness.

New Hobbies

Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill or hobby, social media can be a great resource. These days, there are online communities for just about any type of hobby or craft, and you can often find experts willing to share their knowledge.

For example, if you’re interested in learning how to knit, you can easily find dozens of knitting groups on Facebook or Instagram. Many of these groups offer free patterns and tutorials, so you can get started without spending any money. You can also find groups devoted to other hobbies, such as gardening, cooking, or photography.

And if you’re not sure what you’re interested in, simply browsing through some of these groups can give you some great ideas.


Many fitness experts use social media to share workout tips and exercises. You can learn new techniques and find inspiration to get moving by following them.

You can find whole workout routines for cross fit, kettlebells, yoga, etc. Some groups will help you go from sitting on the couch to running your first 5K, marathon, or triathlon.

Making and breaking habits

Following health and fitness accounts can help you develop good habits, like eating more nutrient-rich foods or working out regularly. And seeing what other people are doing to improve their wellness can be a great motivator. Furthermore, connecting with like-minded people can keep you accountable.

On the other hand, social media can also help break bad habits. For instance, if you’re trying to quit smoking, following accounts that share tips and stories about quitting can help you stay on track.

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Most people use social platforms such as LinkedIn to network with others in their industry. You may not know that it also has an extensive learning library. It offers tutorials on various Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, and Access. It also provides learning paths so you can customize your courses

If you are looking for a new job, learn how to write a resume, or just want to improve your skills, sites such as LinkedIn can help.


Educators are learning to use social media to keep students engaged. Class updates on Facebook and Twitter inform parents and students of school news. Art is shared on Instagram, and class discussions take place on blogs.

These methods of connecting allow teachers to remain a positive influence in their students’ lives long after the class bell rings.

Key Takeaways

Social media can be an incredible tool for learning new wellness skills. It’s helpful to stick with platforms that practice some type of community social media moderation, whether it’s through AI or human moderation. A well-moderated platform can be an excellent resource for finding information and connecting with others who share your interests.

Once you learn those skills, don’t forget to connect with other people in person to show them off!

What new wellness skills have you learned on social media? Let us know in the comments.

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