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A New Social Meetup App Spontime Announces $4.2 Million in Series A Funding

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Below is our recent interview with Karolina Demianczuk, the Founder at Spontime:

Q: Karolina, what is Spontime?

A: Spontime, is a new social meetup app designed to make spontaneous meetings IRL quick and easy. We wanted to build an app that offers the fastest way for people to get together in real life for fun activities – without all of the social media and phone time consumption.

Users create a ^spontag on the app, e.g. to meet for ^coffee, ^lunch, ^jogging, or anything else they would like. Their friends and people nearby will be able to see what they are up to, and either join or not. Additionally, Spontime gives users the opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. If users are not sure what they are up for, they can join others in their activities. Most importantly, the meeting happens within a day.

Spontime is essentially the social media platform that enables users to spend less time on social media – our mission is to connect people together offline. The app is especially useful for those traveling and moving to new places who want to meet people quickly and easily.

Spontime is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Q: You’ve recently announced $4.2m in Series A round; could you tell us something more?

A: Yes, since we already soft-launched the platform and received very positive feedback from our current users, we are ready to raise more funds for growth. We are locates in California, therefore we are focusing on finding partners from Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach, but we are open for cooperation with VC funds from other areas too. We are not only looking for funding, but also for knowledge, partners, mentors and network that would help us to raise funds in future rounds.

Q: Could you tell us how Spontime is different than any other social platform?

A: Spontime is all about being spontaneous and getting out now. The major difference between Spontime and all other existing apps is its speed in converting a match into a meeting. Because all activities take place within a day, no other app allows users to meet other people so quickly and efficiently. The average conversion rate from match-to-meeting on other popular apps, such as Tinder, equals 0.8%. That means less than one percent of matches meet offline.

Also, as opposed to most dating apps, Spontime does not match users with people based on pictures or pure appearance. Spontime matches users with other people based on their common interests and activities they want to meet for. If they share many commonalities with their suggested matches, chances are they will enjoy each other’s company and have lots to talk about.

With Spontime, there is no pressure to chat for days or weeks, make a plan to meet, and then decide whether or not users actually want that meet to happen. Once users create a ^spontag on the app and people join them, the meeting happens today. No need for pick-up lines, never-ending chatting, scheduling, and waiting. Say what you’re up to and meet IRL today.

Worth emphasizing is the fact that Spontime is not a dating app – it is a spontaneous activity, platonic, friendship app. The main difference can be summarized in a short formula:

Spontime = Spontaneous Time. Match and Meet for Fun Activities TODAY.

Below is the chart comparing Spontime to other event / meeting apps:

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Q: Could you tell us about the challenges you had to face when launching
the platform?

A: The biggest challenges are being faced with unforeseen problems, requests, and inquiries at almost every hour of the day. The further along the way we are, the more challenges appear, and every day we get many more responsibilities which are harder to manage. As probably for most startup companies, the hardest challenges are related to the founding process of the company.

Luckily, we’re a team of incredibly driven, smart, and independent individuals who believe in Spontime. We support one another through the process and lift each other up. Additionally, we seek out advice from experienced mentors in the app industry, and combine our talents and motivation to turn our ideas into reality.

Every business requires some kind of struggle. Nothing worthwhile is easy, and nothing that ever changed the world was created overnight. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but that’s why I love it so much. The challenge, and the satisfaction, is unmatched.

Q: Please provide a brief bio about yourself and how you came to start your organization.

A: I am a recent Business graduate from Pepperdine University and Warsaw School of Economics, specializing at Project Management and Digital Marketing. During my college years I spent a semester on a scholarship at National University of Singapore Business School where I discovered my passion for startups and technology. I worked for organizations such as Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Coca-Cola, Goodyear, or Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington D.C..

What pushed me to create Spontime were my experiences abroad – I have visited more than thirty countries and lived in three (Poland, the U.S. and Singapore), being able to compare lifestyle and behaviors of people around the world. I strongly believe that with today’s speed on life, inevitable digitalization, and globalization, it is harder to maintain real, in-person relationships. Founding Spontime, I aim to make it as easy as possible to make quick, spontaneous plans with friends and spend more time together in real life.

Here is my LinkedIn profile – feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We plan to finish our round and keep growing the company. In the nearest future, we plan to introduce additional features to the app that would make it even more fun to our users. Some of them involve allowing users to meetup in groups, and some – cooperating with local businesses. We would prefer to keep more information in secret:) We are very excited about the future.

Last Updated on July 21, 2019

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