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ACG – Industry Leader In Providing Business & Security Solutions To The Financial Industry

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Since 1986, ACG has been a reliable solutions provider to the financial industry. Offering a wide range of products, ACG stands for quality, expertise and long-term partnership. We talked with Jonas Thelin about their plans, customers and core values.

Q: Tell us something more about ACG and your core competencies?

For 30 years, ACG has been a trusted banking industry leader in providing comprehensive ATM and branch equipment solutions to Financial Institutions, ATM Deployment Companies, Service & Maintenance Companies, and ATM Parts Providers across the globe. At ACG, the customer comes first. We are not only a total solutions provider to the ATM and Financial Institution Industry, but we also strive to be a long-term business partner!
ACG offers a wide range of products and integrated services:

  • ATM Security Solutions
  • Service Empowerment (Managed Services)
  • ATM Refurbishment
  • Bench Tech Depot Repair for Customer-owned Spare Parts
  • Advance Exchanges for Spare Parts
  • Comprehensive ATM Services
  • One of the world’s largest supplies of NCR, Diebold and Wincor-Nixdorf ATM parts

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Q: ACG has long been an industry leader in providing business & security solutions to the financial institutions; Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: ACG’s, with its Security Portfolio, ideal customers going forward are larger domestic or multi-national Service Organizations that focus on ATMs, Fuel Pumps, the Gaming Industry or Vending Machines, along with Financial Institutions. In addition to offering ATM/Card Reader Security Solutions, ACG can provide comprehensive integrated solutions to these companies, ranging from logistics, inventory & warehousing to procurement & repairs, just to name a few. This allows the service companies to focus primarily on what they do best – servicing their clients!

Q: Could you explain the function of your ECS® 4-in-1?

A: The ECS 4-in-1 is truly a unique anti-skimming solution for dip & motorized card readers, as it offers a combination of detection and jamming technology. The ECS 4-in-1 protects ATM users against skimming attacks through detection along with random, disturbing frequencies that scramble the skimmers (jamming). Therefore, the ECS 4-in-1 can detect the physical installation of skimming devices while simultaneously deactivating them and preventing card data theft. Additionally, ECS 4-in-1 includes monitoring, communication and data logging functionalities.

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Q: What advantage does ACG Security have over its competitors?

A: Unlike the ECS 4-in-1, anti-skimming devices that solely use sensing technology can detect skimmers; however, they cannot completely prevent fraudsters from being able to obtain confidential credit and debit card information. Solely deactivating the card reader on an ATM does not necessarily deactivate the skimming device, as most skimming devices have power sources independent of the ATMs on which they are hosted.

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The skimming device will remain powered and the ATM will still appear to be fully functional to ATM users. Therefore, during the time that it takes the service provider to respond to the skimming alert, card information can still be compromised if somebody attempts to use the ATM. For this reason, a second layer of jamming protection is needed to comprehensively prevent skimming attacks. This is where ECS 4-in-1 is superior.

Q: What can we expect from ACG in the next four months?

A: Over the next several months, ACG will attend several key industry trade shows, exhibiting, among other things, the Award-Winning ECS Anti-Skimming Solution. The company will also revamp its marketing & promotional efforts on the web, via social media and through direct and targeted marketing.

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