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ActiveDEMAND – The Next Level Integrated Marketing Automation Platform

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ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing automation platform built for digital marketing agencies and small and medium sized businesses to help them easily create, execute and track the performance of marketing campaigns. ActiveDEMAND is all about enabling marketers and non-marketers alike grow their business. In the next six months ActiveDEMAND will transform to a more ‘intelligent’ platform to guide users in their quest to market products and services. Below is our recent interview with Brian Neufeld, Co-Founder of ActiveDEMAND:


Q: Brian, tell us something more about ActiveDEMAND?

A: Different companies use ActiveDEMAND for different reasons. Some utilize the call tracking feature, others primarily access email marketing, while others leverage us for lead scoring and management or as a marketing dashboard application. The list goes on. ActiveDEMAND is all of these things and we label ourselves as an integrated marketing automation platform.

ActiveDEMAND has been around since 2012 and built specifically for digital marketing agencies. However, many small and medium sized businesses also use our platform. The goal of ActiveDEMAND isn’t just to provide a breadth of online marketing tools in a single platform but to really demonstrate what is working and what isn’t. We have all the standard reporting one would expect from an integrated marketing automation platform but where we differentiate ourselves is in attribution reporting.

Attribution is nothing new but not a lot of tools help marketers report it. Attribution involves understanding how a customer became a customer. Some marketers simply report the first touch point, for example, someone clicking on a paid ad. This is good information but chances are a customer didn’t become a customer based solely on a single ad. A lot of other things would have happened between the first introduction and becoming a customer. Touch points such as email drip campaigns, phone calls, resource downloads, web sessions and more. Attribution is a map detailing each touch point in the journey a prospect takes to become a customer.

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Q: What are main benefits for small businesses?

A: There are several benefits small businesses see when leveraging ActiveDEMAND. The main benefit is the ability to steadily grow a business through marketing. At the end-of-the-day that is what ActiveDEMAND is all about. Diving a little deeper into the benefits… you don’t need a fulltime marketing person or team nor do you need a lot of marketing experience to get started. ActiveDEMAND includes a lot of wizards and templates to get businesses going quickly.

While ActiveDEMAND is used by some big companies, as mentioned, it is really designed for digital marketing agencies and small businesses; Both in the functions we provide and in the pricing model. It’s an affordable solution for any size business.

Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking platform?

A: Where do I start? Call tracking isn’t new but with the growth in mobile phone use call tracking is getting a lot of attention. Businesses and marketers want to understand what is making the phone ring. Most sales people will say the hottest opportunities come from incoming calls and so understanding what makes the phone ring is important.

At the simplest level, call tracking is about assigning a phone number to a campaign (could be an online banner ad, offline print ad, a website or something else) and then when someone calls the number, meta data is collected within a database and a report is generated to see what campaign is making the phone ring.

At a more sophisticated level, call tracking does a whole lot more. For example, our CallForensics™ feature will ‘listen’ to the call and apply context to it. ActiveDEMAND is able to understand the conversation and based on the conversation can take many different actions. For example, when someone calls about a specific product ActiveDEMAND can segment the caller into a marketing list and recommend they be included in a specific drip campaign. CallForensics™ can also determine when the person calling dialed the wrong number and remove the incoming call statistic from campaign metrics. CallForensics™ will also move prospects through a sales CRM funnel where if the conversation is about requesting a quote, ActiveDEMAND will understand this and update the prospect’s CRM pipeline record.

In addition to CallForensics™, ActiveDEMAND’s call tracking features include call routing, integration with Google Analytics, automated calling, text messaging campaigns, whisper messages, and dynamic number insertion (DNI). DNI integrates with any website to display a unique phone number for every web session. When someone calls the number, ActiveDEMAND will record web session history, referral source and other meta data.

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Q: Could you tell us something more about your packages?

A: ActiveDEMAND has four main subscriptions. These are ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking, ActiveDEMAND Email Marketer, ActiveDEMAND Small Business Marketer and ActiveDEMAND Corporate Marketer.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking gives marketers and small businesses everything they would ever need to integrate call tracking. It even has extra features like social media management and tracking. From there, each package adds more and more functionality to become a complete integrated marketing automation platform.

The ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking account is free – there is no cost to create and maintain an account. Where costs do come into play is registering telephone numbers and buying minutes. As mentioned earlier, we’re priced as an affordable solution for small businesses. Some businesses only need to spend $20 a month to get the stats they need while others will set-up multiple numbers and spend more.

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Q: What can we expect from ActiveDEMAND in next six months?

A: We have some cool things in R&D and I regret that I can’t disclose many details at this time however I can paint the picture for you. Integrated marketing automation platforms are known as a tool to be operated by users. ActiveDEMAND is much more than a tool. The core of the company is all about enabling marketers and non-marketers alike to grow their business. This means we must provide more than just tools and leave it up to the user to decide what campaign to create and execute on. ActiveDEMAND already does some of the thinking for users providing architected solutions that anyone can use.

In the next six months ActiveDEMAND will transform to a more ‘intelligent’ platform to guide users in their quest to market products and services rather than be a tool with a lot of features.

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