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Advantexe Offers Computer-Based Business Simulations Tailored To Improve Business Performance

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Advantexe specializes in developing personalized training solutions to make businesses more effective and improve decision-making. The program’s ecosystem and scenarios can be fully adjusted to give insight into how each decision impacts the company’s financial performance. Below is our recent interview with Jim Brodo, Chief Marketing Officer at Advantexe:

Jim Brodo

Q: Jim, what makes Advantexe unique in the market?

A: Advantexe has a long and rich history of training and business simulation excellence, working with many of the world’s leading companies to provide both customized and off-the-shelf simulations. Started and still run by Wharton School graduates, our clients continually turn to us for our proven simulation methodology and tell us we are different because of our:

• A Deep understanding and knowledge of system thinking and system dynamic modeling
• Core simulation platforms that allow for quick and cost effective customization
• 20+ off-the shelf simulations that are ready to go
• Horizontal and vertical Industry expertise in most major industries and content disciplines
• Extensive business and training backgrounds
• Proven experts in the art and science of storytelling, scoring, analytics, and decision-tree branching
• Our analytics center allows Advantexe to capture critical data to develop performance GapMaps and identify areas for continuous improvement.
• Multi-model and responsive delivery platforms for online and live simulation delivery

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Q: Tell us something more about the company?

A: Would you ever hire a pilot who can’t fly? Or perhaps a chef that never cooked anything. Well that is what businesses do every day. They hire people with liberal arts degrees and very little, if any experience in business. This is our core focus at Advantexe. We help organizations around the world to improve their business performance by developing the skills and tools to think more systemically about a business. We help employees at all levels and functions to understand, set, and execute business strategy while being able to measure the effectiveness of their decision-making through financial performance.

Who are we? Advantexe is an award-winning, global training and performance improvement organization specializing in Business Acumen, Business Leadership, and Strategic Business Selling learning journeys that incorporate computer-based business simulations as the catalyst for learning.

We partner with our clients to design, develop, and deliver customized training solutions that build the skills employees, managers, and leaders need to execute achieve improved business results. We believe in the Power of Practice. The Power of Practice is our culture, our purpose and represents the core foundation of the value we offer to our clients. This focus on experiential learning through business simulations enhances retention and encourages immediate real-world application in a risk-free environment.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of your digital board game called The Drivers of Business Performance; tell us something more?

A: Think about these questions;

• Do supply chain professionals have the business skills to manage costs and develop logistical processes that obtain the right materials and distri¬bution channels?
• Are IT teams leveraging technology in the context of business workflows to manage costs, generate revenue, and drive growth?
• Do finance personnel make deci¬sions directly from a spread sheet or do they understand the many business vari¬ables that will affect potential business models and results.
• Are the products being developed in R&D aligned to your company’s business strategy?
• How well is the marketing and sales staff positioning them¬selves as experts and trusted advisors as well as understanding customers from a business perspective?
• How can new hires who join the firm with a liberal arts degree and very limited actual business experience hit the ground running and make an impact on the company’s success within 90 days?

The reality of business today is business expectations are high. Professionals across the company are more involved in the critical thinking and actions that determine success for their enterprise, role, and function and need the skills to make it happen. The Drivers of Business Performance business learning program is designed to help illustrate how business decisions affect the financial performance of a company. Through a series of simple, yet focused set of operational and scenario-based business decisions, learners experience how businesses operate and how functional decisions affect the inflows and outflows of money.

How it works

The learner has been recruited and named as the interim CEO of Orium, Inc. a multi-billion dollar global company, to help lift stalled sales numbers, improve profitability, and set the company up for long-term success. The board of directors has provided a strict budget and the learner must manage the budget, leaning on their executive team for advice and guidance during the year. Over the course of four simulated quarters, learners make a number of interrelated revenue generation and cost management decisions having to juggle and make trade-offs regarding revenue opportunities and their associated costs.

Finally, to incorporate an element of competition into the simulation, we have built in a leader’s board and achievement center. The leader’s board tracks all learners top level business scores of highest revenue and profitability. The achievement center awards Bronze, Silver, or Gold badges based on reaching business goals set out by the board of directors such as revenue growth, profitability levels, and expense management.

Q: What skills are required to play it? What are main benefits for players?

A: Unlike traditional and static learning programs, or paper-based financial acumen board games, this dynamic computer-based simulation provides:

• A simple and focused set of operational business decisions that immediately show the cause and effect of business decisions
• An intuitively designed user experience that graphically illustrates in real-time the financial flows of the business
• Insight into the core drivers of profitability and cash flow
• A clear understanding how departmental decisions effect business operations
• Direct interactions with simulated characters in a risk-free learning environment to make learning fun and more realistic
• Embedded online learning modules that introduce learners to key business ideas and terms to help simplify the concepts of business

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Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: We are actively working on the integration of Artificial Intelligence and our simulations. Our simulations already have an element of machine learning built into them as the algorithms and models are built to react and change to either computer generated competitors or live competitor business decision-making. Our new artificial intelligence platform will allow us to capture more data and provide built in avatar coaches that can work directly with learners as they make business decisions. The tool will also act as well as real-time job aid that can be accessed after a learning event to help reinforce and strengthen newly learned skills and behaviors.

Q: What’s the best thing about Advantexe Learning Solutions that people might not know about?

A: One of the things the Advantexe teams firmly believes in is that we are limited only by our imaginations. We strive for innovation and have built the infrastructure for our learning journeys and simulations to allow us to be flexible for our clients and develop solutions that fit the opportunities and challenges that they are facing. This ability to pivot and move quickly helps to create a very special and personalized learning experience that links back to a company’s strategy. This type of engagement by employees helps to drive a constant flow of skill development, behavioral adoption, and transformational change.

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