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After Two Years Of Research Whyd Aims To Reinvent The Home Speaker

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Music changes the way we experience the world. With the new speaker, Whyd seeks to redefine how people experience and interact with music. The Whyd speaker is a connected speaker that can be controlled with your voice, your touch (via intuitive glass-made touchpad on the top of the speaker) or with a companion app. Below is our interview with Jie Meng-Gerard, co-founder of Whyd:


Q: How would you describe Whyd in your own words?

A: Whyd is a company that focuses today on reinventing the home speaker. The Whyd speaker will bring a whole new music experience at home with a premium fashion design, powerful 360 surrounding HiFi and intelligent voice control specifically designed to control your music streaming services.

Q: You’ve recently announced that the company will go open source and change name to Openwhyd; tell us something more?

A: Whyd used to be a music social network to collect, share and discover musical gems from Youtube, Soundcloud, Deezer and other music services. Overtime Whyd has become a community of 100,000+ producers, concert venues, DJs, bloggers, artists and music lovers expressing their love for good sound.

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Q: The real value of Openwhyd is that it enables music lovers to find and play very specific versions of songs that they love; what kinds of feedback are you getting from users?

A: Music lovers kept coming to Whyd because they could find other music than the commercial top 20 hits. It’s a place of genuine music discovery with underground musical gems and indie playlists curated by music pioneers who are always on the hunt of the next undiscovered beat.

Q: Going opensource/crowdsource is a very unique move for a social network. Why was this decision made?

A: Whyd, the social network, is a passionate community of music lovers but not a sustainable business (we always refused to display ads). This community is now composed of friends more than users and out of respect for them, we decided to take the time and money to keep this service running instead of shutting it down. Our community is so dedicated that they will keep it running with voluntary efforts, and we have no doubts that they will make the platform better.


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Q: What can we expect from you in the future? What are your plans?

A: Whyd, as a company, is now focus on the speaker project. Whyd & Openwhyd might be completely different, but our goal of getting more music into your life hasn’t changed. Our whole team are music lovers at heart and we’ll use the same passion we had in our music social network to build the speaker we always dreamt to have.


With the new speaker, Whyd seeks to redefine how people experience and interact with music. You don’t need a phone. Users will now be able to speak directly to the Whyd Speaker and ask for a specific track, artist, playlist or even a radio station. The speaker will also work with streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud. The Whyd Speaker also allows for touch control via the stylish, intuitive glass-made touchpad on the top of the speaker.

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