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Agents Of Efficiency Automates “The Boring Stuff” For Small-Businesses To Keep Them Focused On What They Do Best

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Agents of Efficiency is re-defining small-business operations by providing fractional COO services virtually. Their unique blend of leadership coaching, strategic consulting and expert execution is designed to focus small business owners on what they do best, then automate the rest. And it seems to be working. They’ve been featured on over 300 major media outlets, are maintaining dizzying growth, and recently acquired Business Vision Network to add to their resources. Below is our interview with Justin E. Crawford, International Bestselling Author and CEO of Agents of Efficiency :


Q: How did Agents of Efficiency start?

A: This happened by accident. I was trying to pay my way through law school, and found myself at the head of an international shipping company handling complex logistics. I realized that I geeked out on efficiency and loved business operations. Over time, I was drawn more and more into the world of small businesses. But as I kept encountering stories of small-business owners drowning in day-to-day operational tasks while their business suffered, it sat like an anchor in my gut. And as I started to run out of hours in the day to help the vast numbers of small businesses I was hearing from that were hungering for a better way, the concept for AoE was birthed.

AoE actually started as a pure tech play, but after running the concept – called Digital COO at the time – through a startup competition in New York City, we realized small business owners needed more than just another piece of technology to try and navigate and incorporate into their already-overwhelming operations. So we pivoted, and AoE’s current form seems to be striking a chord with small business owners.

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Q: You’ve recently announced merger with Business Vision Network; tell us about the strategy behind that move?

A: After carefully listening to our client base, AoE’s merger with BVN represents the culmination of a pivot from a pure tech play to a service offering that is much more comprehensive and valuable than we ever were able to offer before. Driven by my laser-like obsession with efficiency and growth hacking, AoE’s beginning tended to assume that our small-business clients had a clear vision for where they needed to go, they just lacked the strategy and execution to get them there. But, over time, we’ve come to learn that difficulty “seeing the forest through the trees” lies at the heart of most small-business-owner headaches.

Enter BVN. BVN had invested seven years into developing their “Inside Out Leadership Program” to help small-business owners keep the big picture in clear view before getting lost in the weeds. Their CEO – Robb Holman, is one of the most passionate and charismatic guys you’ll ever meet – and is laser focused on “The Why Behind the Why” of small-businesses to a similar level of insanity that AoE (driven by my obsession) had been obsessed with small-business efficiency. By acquiring BVN and bringing Robb on as a co-founder, we’re merging that passion with our process to create a powerful system that we believe is truly unmatched anywhere else.

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Q: What makes Agents of Efficiency unique?

A: Execution. Entrepreneurs should be visionary CEO’s, not COO’s. The more operational tasks are handed to experts, the faster and smarter their business will flourish. We’re anti-consultants. We don’t just analyze. We do. And when we do, you get to do less, better.

We help small-business owners focus on what they do best, then we automate the rest – through a mix of technology and a carefully curated network of expert service providers.
Everyone wants to tell you they’ll make you more money, but we show our work and guarantee our results. Our Efficiency RoadmapTM is designed to ensure you’re spending your time in the best ways possible. As you spend just one hour a week with us, you’ll easily turn it into 2, then 5, then 10. Then we’ll help you focus that time to explode the growth of your business. And we guarantee an ROI in excess of our fee, or your money back.

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Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: As our client base grows, we’ll continue to leverage economies of scale to add increasing value to our clients for no additional money. Our library of online courses is constantly growing, and we continue to make new investments in technology designed to make our clients’ lives easier and more efficient. And as our carefully curated network of expert service providers gets more and more vast, the barrier to entry gets higher and higher, and our ability to find perfect match fits between client and service provider gets better all the time. We’re very excited about what the future brings for AoE.

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