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Agora – Create, Share & Collaborate On ALL Your Documents From One Spot

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Agora brings your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box together in one seamless and effortless platform, so you can get all your work done faster and easier. Below is our recent interview with Adam Moisa, Founder and CEO of Agora:


Q: Adam, what is your startup story?

A: We built Agora because of a personal issue: we couldn’t manage our various Dropbox’s, Google Drives, Box’s, etc. We had files all over the place and finding them was becoming a real challenge. We always ran out of space and had to open more accounts which only made it worse.

Furthermore, if I had to share a file with a colleague for a project we’re working on, and the file was on Box, but they didn’t use Box, I had no way of easily getting this file to them. If they wanted to share files from their Google Drive for this project, but I didn’t have Google Drive, they could not share that file with me easily either.

We lived and breathed this problem as students and entrepreneurs and we just had to have a better way. We also found out we weren’t the only ones with this issue. So, we built Agora.

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Q: What are main benefits of using Agora?

A: The main benefits of Agora are:

1. Aggregation – The ability to see/manage all of your online files in one spot.

2. Universal Editing – Edit any document regardless of the service it is stored on (this means you can live edit/collaborate on a word file from Dropbox with your buddy, as if it were on Google Drive).

3. Universal Share – Share any document with anyone regardless of the service it’s stored on and regardless of the services they have connected to Agora (Share a Box file with someone who has never used Box).

4. Migration – Move files between clouds seamlessly.

5. UI/UX – We’ve worked tirelessly on making sure that using our platform is incredibly intuitive to the point where we don’t even need to give you a tour around the platform – it just makes sense. Also, our UI kicks ass :).

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Q: What is your main advantage/differentiator?

A: There is no single platform that allows you to do all of the things listed above. Some platforms let you see all your files from one app, but they don’t let you edit them or edit them collaboratively. Those that let you edit them don’t let you share them, etc.

Also, everything described above is completely free! You can add as many services as you want, even multiple accounts from the same service (ex. multiple Google Drives)!

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Q: What are your plans for the next six months?

A: Our plans are to roll out the consumer product for Web and then launch iOS, Android, Mac and Windows versions soon after.

We also will begin to work on the enterprise version of Agora that allows enterprises to create and manage teams, manage and set permissions, create projects and invite clients to work on projects, get statistics on how often people are working and on what, and a bunch of more awesome features. We can even integrate with an enterprise local storage system and give them the benefits of having a cloud without having to migrate to the cloud (we never move your files, they stay on the service you connected to Agora).

We’re excited to get Agora into the hands of the people we’ve been building this for!

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