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Alliance Enterprises Brings Innovative Technology Solutions To Thousands Of Individuals Around The World

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Alliance Enterprises develops innovative enterprise case and performance management software solutions. The company has three different business lines: Aware (serves government agencies in the vocational rehabilitation space), MyObjectives (goal achievement software) and Cloud. Below is our interview with Darcy Fleming from Alliance Enterprises:


Q: Darcy, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Alliance Enterprises and your history?

A: We recently celebrated our 35th year anniversary. The company started in 1981 as a tiny office in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. For the first couple years we provided basic project management software and computer training to local agencies and businesses in the Puget Sound area. In 1994 we launched our first vocational rehabilitation software service with Washington state’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). A few decades later the software service, called Aware, is the dominant player in the industry, used in 35 state agencies and 24 tribal nations around the country.

Alliance’s recent growth is being fueled by the rising demand, within the public sector, to migrate enterprise applications to the cloud. In 2009 we starting offering cloud services and over the last few years we migrated seven of our state agency customers to the cloud with great success. We increased our cloud services business 10x in 2015, capturing Microsoft’s attention and winning their Rising Star Partner of the Year in the public sector.

In 2015 we launched our goal achievement software, MyObjectives. In 2016 we achieved two big goals with MyObjectives: we gained our first private sector customer and also our first international customer, two important steps to diversifying our business and setting up prospects for healthier growth in the future.

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This year we achieved a huge milestone: making the Inc. 5000, the list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. We were in the top 30% of software companies on the list and 3810 overall. We’ve grown an average of 80% over the past three years (2012 to 2015) to a $12 million annual revenue company. Our sights are set for more growth and continued success.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: We have three different business lines; Aware, MyObjectives and Cloud, and our ideal clients are a bit different for each. For the Aware platform, we serve government agencies in the vocational rehabilitation space. Our records management software enables more than 12,000 counselors to find and maintain meaningful work for people with disabilities. Our ideal client shares our passion to help people improve their lives through education and employment. Those that want to use smart and innovative technology to make it happen are our strongest clients.

The cloud services side of our business is closely tied to the Aware platform, for now. We are currently in the process of migrating many of our state agency customers to the cloud, making it simple for our clients to operate in the cloud and providing cost efficiencies from more expensive on-site solutions. Our cloud services package provides: ongoing 24/7 support dedicated to our customers; industry-leading security and data protection; maximum network uptime; and fail-safe data backup. Our ideal customers see the value in the cloud, realize the inherent scalability and innovative qualities of our solution, as well as the simplicity and security of the solution. For now, we’re focused on the public sector, state, local and federal agencies, needing to migrate to the cloud. In the future, we plan to offer our fast, secure and reliable cloud solution to companies in the private sector.

We believe just about every organization would benefit from using MyObjectives, our goal achievement software. Studies show that employee engagement at most workplaces is embarrassingly low, 30% on average. This drags down productivity and costs companies and organizations millions of dollars each year – one study suggested an average of $17,500 is lost for each disengaged worker every year. So, our ideal clients for MyObjectives are small or large businesses that understand that the ordinary methods for engaging employees are broken (example: the annual review cycle and minimal management feedback). They see the tremendous value in having teams working with greater teamwork, clarity and a higher purpose. And they understand how our software makes it happen. We also love organizations that stand with us in the belief that work should be more fun. After all, work is a place we spend nearly half of our adult lives, why shouldn’t we liven it up a little (or a lot)?

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your Aware Solutions?

A: Aware is the market-leading enterprise records management solution designed for vocational rehabilitation professionals. Aware is used by 12,000 vocational rehabilitation professionals who help individuals with disabilities get training and find new jobs. Aware tracks clients through the vocational rehabilitation process from application into the program through successful employment. Tracking includes an individualized plan for employment, all services provided to the client and financial transactions made to support the services. Aware includes the generation of multiple federal reports which state agencies must submit to the federal government on an annual basis.

Aware takes care of all federal and state data collection, data security and reporting compliance, allowing the vocational rehabilitation counselor to focus on what they do best, serving individuals with disabilities and aiding in their process to become more educated and enter or re-enter the workforce.

Q: What are main benefits of your MyObjectives software solution?

A: At its core MyObjectives is a solution that improves employee engagement. It gets every individual and team on the same page, doing work that is most important to the company. It opens communications between individuals on teams, between teams across the organization and between management and employees. It removes ambiguity and adds clarity to everyday work. It provides real-time and ongoing feedback on everyone’s path to success at work and encourages a greater level of teamwork. And with game elements, it’s fun.

We’ve seen MyObjectives do great things for our company and for our customers. It’s driven up productivity, revealed new market opportunities and kept everyone tightly focused on what needs to be done for short- and long-term success of the organization.

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Q: What can we expect from Alliance Enterprises in next six months?

A: In two words: happier customers. Two more words: more growth.

We expect all of our products to grow in the coming year. With Aware, we recently partnered with Libera, the second-largest software developer in the vocational rehabilitation space. The partnership paves the way for us to migrate many of Libera’s customers to the Aware platform in the next few years.

We are looking forward to more cloud growth and expect exponential growth this year and into the future as our state agency customers see the value of our cloud platform. We also intend to offer our cloud service to a host of other state and local agencies, as well as companies in the private sector, expanding our market potential.

Looking at the longer term, perhaps our largest growth opportunity will be with MyObjectives. We have recently begun to see a surge in customer demand since we took the software global in June 2016, particularly in Europe where we have solid partners selling the product.

We expect MyObjectives to close the year strongly as more companies and organizations realize that they’ll never get employees engaged at work with the same old broken methods. They need a solution like ours to really tap into the potential of their workforce.

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