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An Independent Wealth Management Firm The Diamond Group Empowers Its Clients To Design And Define Their Ideal Lifestyles

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Below is our recent interview with Marilyn Suey, the Founder of The Diamond Group:

Marilyn Suey

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to The Diamond Group Wealth Advisors?

A: The Diamond Group is an independent wealth management firm that empowers its clients to design and define their ideal lifestyles starting today, for tomorrow and for life. We follow a disciplined planning system, “Your Prosperity Blueprint Process,” that enables our clients to design their customized plan which will guide them as they travel on the road toward financial independence. We love working with business owners, professionals and executives to support them as they establish their ideal lifestyles.

Our clients understand that their wealth is more than their money. Working with us, using our Prosperity Blueprint Process, we collaborate and support our clients to take care of their families and the people and causes they care about deeply.

Q: Marilyn, why is it important for women to take care of their finances?

A: In my work and travels these past several years (and supported by several industry studies), we have found that women are paid less than men in the same job, may have less time to work due to family obligations and therefore may be less prepared for retirement (we call it your Second Act). Women may not have the time nor the wherewithal to build their financial plan nor do they feel competent nor confident perhaps to make financial decisions on their own.

Repeatedly, we have found in our practice that we need to provide more education, awareness and support women whether they are married, single or in transition with tools to enable them to take care of themselves financially. How many of us have had female friends or family who have suddenly lost their spouse and had to quickly adapt to taking care of their own Financial House? How many of them were able to manage on their own?

How many of us know women who had the challenge of a divorce, that left them handling their own finances and perhaps caring for children as well? These are challenges that can affect women from all walks of life and all age groups.

Building and rebuilding their own value, confidence and competence can take a lot of time and energy.

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Q: You’ve created a group called “Savvy Women” – what is the purpose of this group?

A: I wrote my first book, “36 Quick Tips for Savvy Women”—Taking Control of Your Work Your Wealth and Your Worth,” after seeing and witnessing much of what I just mentioned. This was well before the “Times Up” movement as I also was frustrated with the small gain’s women have made in corporate America, as well as business in general. The book has taken on a life of its own, both in our business and in our Savvy Women community.

We host two Summits a year, in conjunction with Financial Fitness talks, on various topics that support women as they design their ideal lifestyles and take care of their Financial House. The Summits are true to the book’s purpose and passion, where highlighted speakers focus on work/career, wealth and worth. Our mantra is Building a Brighter Future for All Women.

Q: How did you discover your passion for wanting to help women?

A: I am a proud MBA from the Wharton School and I had worked and lived much of my younger life as a single independent woman who had to take care of herself.

As I matriculated up the corporate ladder, I did find it challenging to truly advocate for myself and I carried that feeling over to my wealth management business. While we serve men and women who are business owners, executives and professionals, I know from my own personal experience that women who come from these same business segments are underserved! We have several case studies and more to come that will be in our next book about Savvy Women!

We have two books in the works that will continue to support our Savvy Women community. I have a special project that I will complete that pays tribute to my Mother, Pearl, who was a Savvy Women and lived to age 101 years!! She passed away last year and I have so many great stories about her and the path she took. She and my Father designed their ideal lifestyle and I want to share their story along with mine, as an example of the American Dream-‘You can do anything you set out to do.”

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are in the midst of building a larger practice centered on supporting and serving our clients and with a special emphasis on Savvy Women, as we discussed, via a merger with another wealth management practice.

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