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An Interview Alli Cannon From Cannon Law – A Practice Designed To Protect People’s Rights

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Below is our recent interview with Alli Cannon, Owner of Cannon Law:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Cannon Law?

A: At its core, Cannon Law is a practice designed to protect people’s rights. I work primarily with DWI cases, but as the scene expands to include legalization and other things like DUI and prescription drug cases, I’m working to grow at the same time. So many of the systems in place are subject to error or misinterpretation, and I feel like I have a responsibility to help people get a fair and honest legal experience.

Much of my practice is centered around the fact that I’ve pursued continuing education into the forensic testing and skills required to collect evidence from DWI cases. By learning the tools and techniques, I’m better able to defend people against those same errors, misinterpretations, and unfair treatment.

Q: What is DWI and why is it dangerous?

A: DWI is typically understood as Driving While Intoxicated, or drunk driving. As I mentioned, this is expanding to include other kinds of impairment while driving, particularly in the case of legal or illegal drugs. Of course, the main danger comes from the fact that being drunk or impaired while operating a motor vehicle can lead to dangerous situations. Whether it’s for the person that’s impaired, or the people and property around them.

From a physical standpoint, it’s incredibly dangerous for obvious reasons. From a legal standpoint, being charged with a DWI can jeopardize your future, either through permanent legal record of having been charged and convicted of a DWI or through the loss of your driver’s license.

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Q: Is there a difference between a DUI and DWI in Texas?

A: There are several major differences. To start, a DWI is Driving While Intoxicated and a DUI is Driving Under the Influence. They are legally distinct from one another, and you may be charged with either depending on the circumstances.

For a DWI, it’s typically any time you are operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. For intoxication, the meaning is usually impairment as a result of consuming alcohol, controlled substances, or having a BAC of .08% or higher. In most circumstances, this charge carries a higher potential penalty. It also usually applies to anyone 21 and over.

A DUI is similar, but it essentially only applies to minors because Texas has a zero tolerance policy and doesn’t allow for the presence of any alcohol in their system. However, a minor can still be charged with a DWI if they are legally intoxicated.

The tricky thing about DWIs and DUIs is that they are often subject to the circumstances of their situation. By which I mean you could be charged with more or less severe charges or penalties based on a large number of factors. This is also why it’s so important for people to seek good legal assistance, to navigate the complicated legal proceedings surrounding such charges.

Q: Alli, you are the youngest female attorney to ever hold the Lawyer-Scientist designation; could you tell us something more about that? What does it mean for you?

A: Well, like I mentioned earlier, it’s a big deal to me. So much of what I deal with in court is related to the science and testing behind charging people with DWIs or DUIs. Having a deeper understanding of how these tests work, seeing first hand how fallible they can be, it makes a huge difference when I’m defending someone.

As for being the youngest female attorney to hold that designation? I think that’s important too. It’s proof, at least to me, that there’s always room for growth and education, which can lead me to an even better understanding of law, legal processes, and how I can work to better people’s lives.

Q: How much experience you’ve got in DWI cases?

A: I would say almost all of my experience. My entire firm is dedicated to taking and handling DWI cases in Houston, so while I also take charges that might come up alongside DWI or DUI, the majority of my work and experience is directly related to DWI cases.

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Q: Why Cannon Law? What makes you the best?

A: Well, just like every other lawyer, I’ll fight for you tooth and nail to get you just results. But what makes me the best is probably my tenacious dedication to bettering myself and being ahead of the curve when it comes to DWIs and the changing landscape of law surrounding intoxication.

For example, earlier I was talking about drug related cases and prescription pill cases becoming more prevalent, so I work on understanding the sort of legal framework that is just now being built to address such cases.

Another good example is my study into how the state addresses marijuana and hemp cases. With the rapid change in laws surrounding things like hemp, CBD, and marijuana in small amounts, there aren’t really systems or technology in place to test people for these things, and yet some still end up charged with related crimes. I consider it my job to not only defend people, but to really understand the legal landscape as it changes so I can be a better defender of the people I serve.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Currently my plans are to keep learning, keep growing, and keep helping people fight for their rights in and out of court.

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