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An Interview With Alexis Martin, CEO And Founder Of DUREXA International, An Innovative Company In Drilling

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Below is our recent interview with Alexis Martin, CEO & Founder of DUREXA International:

Q: Hi Alexis, tell me a bit about yourself and DUREXA International, your company?

A: I’m a Mechatronics Engineer with a specialization in automation, I helped Perforaciones El Aguaje to establish their new drilling business in Sonora, Mexico, and managed to position them as one of the top drilling companies in the northwestern region of Mexico. Currently, I’m the CEO and Founder of DUREXA International, an innovative company in drilling in which we optimize our tools and equipment based on our customers’ past results, project objectives, and conditions. As we are an integral drilling company, we can offer advice to our customers in any problem during their drilling process.

We are working to share these technologies and knowledge with the entire drilling industry, at an international level.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your products, especially in BACKHAMMER?

A: We offer a wide range of products, that goes from ground measurement instruments to deep well drilling rigs.

The BACKHAMMER is a tool that has a positive impact among drillers, it functions like a percussive hammer that in the opposite direction of the drilling, generating constant impacts and vibrations, helping to recover the tools and pipes.

We have one customer that had 2 days bringing the rig to its limit trying to recover the drilling tools, then he gave us a call. After we installed the Backhammer, the driller started working with it, and after 30 seconds, the tools were released.

This handy tool can also be used to remove the steel casings that are in the holes, and if installed in the opposite direction, it helps to introduce the casings to the holes.

All our tools and machinery are optimized for the projects that will be carried out, that is why we handle different sizes of BACKHAMMERS according to the tool that will be rescued.

Q: Who are your clients? Who trusts your brand the most?

A: We have clients across all the drilling industry, from mining companies, mining contractors, well drillers, construction companies, and geophysical companies and labs. We have gained trust with our customers around the world.

Q: How have you attracted customers and businesses to use your products?

A: Since we were bringing new technology to the market, we started sharing what we do and our products on social media, such as Facebook, which generated interest with drillers from America and South Africa, after some time, our customers have been recommending us with other drilling companies, normally, they reach to us when they are having a particular problem during drilling.

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Q: What are your plans for the first half of 2021?

A: We will expand our workshop in Mexico to begin manufacturing the water well cameras, we’ll also keep expanding our reach to Latin America, South Africa, Australia, and Europe.
Since we service the well drilling industry, we also want to help the agricultural sector in Latin America to be more efficient, so we will be launching our IoT products for irrigation automation later in June.

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