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An Interview With Bardya Ziaian, CEO And President Of SITTU Group Inc.

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Bardya Ziaian is the CEO and president of SITTU Group Inc., a leading think tank based in Toronto. SITTU Group Inc. focuses on creating opportunities based on the economic macro environment through consultations, designing systems and investing.

Prior to becoming CEO and President of SITTU Group Inc. in 2017, Ziaian founded and became CEO of Virtual Brokers and BBS Securities, which was ranked the “#1 Broker” by The Globe and Mail.

In his career, Bardya Ziaian acted as CEO for Pario Technologies Corp., Director at NEO Exchange, Managing Director at Royal Capital Management Inc. and Project Manager and Senior Software Engineer at Belzberg Technologies Inc.

In the late 1990s, Ziaian attended York University and received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Mathematics and then a Master’s of Arts in Mathematics.

In his free time, Ziaian likes solving puzzles and working on his upcoming film.

Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

Bardya Ziaian: SITTU Group Inc. is a consulting management firm. We’re based in Toronto. SITTU works on helping organisations achieve stable and sustainable success through customised strategy, analysis and innovation.

At SITTU, we strive to continue moving forward. We adopt emerging ideas and improve both ourselves and the consultation with our clients. The name SITTU comes from Chinese words that mean “thinking while moving forward,” which is our ultimate goal.

Can you give us more insights into what makes your company unique?

Bardya Ziaian: For one, I think our name is pretty unique and is definitely a source for motivation within the team.

What a lot of businesses rely on is old, so-called traditional practices. Not that some traditional systems don’t work, but as the world progresses, as technologies become smarter and more entrepreneurs open their own companies, the practices you put in place to ensure success also need to evolve. Advice given to companies, say, 15 years ago, would be completely different to what we advise now.

Growing with the economy and adopting new technologies — that’s how companies are going to stay successful. If a company refuses to innovate to the advantage of their clients, then the clients will leave to find something more beneficial to them. That’s why we are constantly tracking changes in the macro economic environment and strive to think as we move, just as our name suggests.

Can you give us insights into your services?

Bardya Ziaian: Well, at SITTU we deal with three main industries: technology, corporate and entertainment. At its core, SITTU was founded to help businesses find their places in their respective industries through our consultation services. The more SITTU grows, the more we can do to help different types of businesses, and have recently expanded into the entertainment industry as SITTU Entertainment Worldwide. Under that division, we can produce, finance and distribute — but never at the cost of creativity. Implementing unique business models allows clients to create on their own accord.

As part of our corporate strategies, we help clients improve organisational structure, operational efficiency and performance management. We help each client implement solutions that fit their business from strategy to operations.

And, as inspired by our name, our technology solutions help companies adopt new practices to better their business, which allows them to evolve just as efficiently as technology does. We put an emphasis on project scope and planning, business process and system design, system integration and application development.

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What are some of the main objectives for your company in the year ahead and how do you plan to achieve them?

Bardya Ziaian: We want to keep evolving with our clients. Technology and the economic environment can only get more efficient from here and we plan to become the benchmark of the industry by providing the best solutions to our customers.

What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

Bardya Ziaian: One of our biggest values is diversity, in both our customer base and employee background, multiculturally and otherwise. Having people from diverse backgrounds, professionally, culturally and so on, is always an advantage. We get to hear the different perspectives and apply unique solutions to our projects. Diversity is an asset and a lot of the industry still doesn’t realise this.

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