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An Interview With Braedon Kruse, The Founder & CEO Of Sooner Marketing Solutions

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Below is our recent interview with Braedon Kruse, the Founder & CEO of Sooner Marketing Solutions:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Sooner Marketing Solutions?

A: Our agency prides ourselves on not operating as a “plug-and-play” digital marketing agency with packages everyone can “squeeze” into. Every business we partner with has a custom, tailored digital marketing solution. We’ll help clients think about their business in a whole new way, bringing a fresh perspective to long-standing challenges and helping them envision – and achieve – a future with unlimited possibilities.

Q: What types of services do you offer to your clients?

A: Web Design, Website Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Management & Marketing (SMO), Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Local SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Event Marketing, Geo-Advertising

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Q: How is online marketing different today than it was just a few years ago?

A: Online marketing is constantly changing considering factors like Google Algorithm updates throughout the year, how buyers are interacting with social media channels, what and how users are searching the internet for answers to questions they have, and the drastic changes in how generations interact with different content. In the last 3-5 years, we’ve seen more and more videos published on social media channels, live videos are becoming more used to create “real and unedited” version of content allowing trust and a relationship to establish between the creator(s) and the viewer.

Q: Why is social media marketing important for every business?

A: With the younger generations of Millennials and generation Z becoming more of the buyers market, less and fewer people are watching TV, listening to the radio, and reading the newspapers. When ads pop up on the TV, they pick up their phone and open a social media channel like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, for example. Not to leave out the older generations of X & Y, they are still using Facebook & LinkedIn to connect with their grandkids, children, and co-workers. Which brings about the opportunities of marketing to those generations on the platforms they are using. Businesses who are not taking advantage of the undervalued attention of those users are missing out.

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Q: What does the future hold? Where is the company headed?

A: This year we have improved our SEO and social media software & strategies, client to agency transparency, monthly and quarterly reporting. In doing so we are providing more accurate services while instilling a more fruitful and trusting relationship with our clients. The agency is looking forward to continuing growth with our current and future clients while improving our processes, industry knowledge, software and onboarding new team members.

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