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An Interview With Esteban Ramirez, Owner Of Descanso Music

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Established in 1988, Descanso Music is an independently owned music and publishing label that was founded by Esteban Ramirez with the aim of producing and marketing his neoclassical instrumental music. The label is dedicated to producing high-quality, relaxing piano-based music that resonates with listeners worldwide. Ramirez has released three albums under Descanso Music’s banner: “Serenade to the Moon,” “Welcome Home,” and “Fly with Me.” These albums have achieved global distribution through CD Baby, a leading independent music distributor. Despite being an independent label, Descanso Music has gained a loyal fan base across the globe.

Ramirez’s music has a distinct style that is rooted in melodic simplicity that blends classical elements with modern variations, resulting in a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. Through his music, Ramirez has managed to capture the essence of human emotion and translate it into a sonic experience that is both refreshingly beautiful and deeply moving. Descanso Music has recently expanded its offerings beyond music to include the publication of Ramirez’s first collection of poetry, a companion book to the “Serenade to the Moon” album, called “Serenade to the Moon – the poetry book.” This unique poetry book is a groundbreaking and innovative work that defies traditional poetry book conventions, as it was inspired by the music of that album. It is a hybrid book of poetry, coffee-table, and visual arts, featuring Impressionist-inspired illustrations created in partnership with DALL.E 2, an artificial intelligence illustration software. This innovative book is has worldwide distribution through BookBaby, Amazon and a variety of other online and brick-and-mortar retailers. It a testament to Ramirez’s creativity and vision, as he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in this genre of music.

Below is our recent interview with Esteban Ramirez, owner of Descanso Music:

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: “Serenade to the Moon – the poetry book” was released in April 2023. It is a unique book in that it was inspired by the piano solo album “Serenade to the Moon.” This music-inspired hybrid poetry/coffee-table/art book is illustrated in part by DALL.E 2, an AI-illustration technology software. Reflecting the number of compositions in the album, the book features 13 poems in this 82-page collection with each poem accompanied by one or more full-color illustrations. In a wonderful tribute to the masters of Impressionism, the book’s 30 illustrations are in the impressionist style, which is known for its small, visible brushstrokes that offer the bare impression of form, unblended color, and an emphasis on the accurate depiction of natural light. Ramirez knows music can evoke powerful emotions, and he set out to capture those feelings in this collection. The author hopes this book will inspire readers to appreciate the beauty of poetry, art, and music and to see the connections among this unique artistic expression. “Serenade to the Moon – the poetry book” is a true labor of love, and it is sure to captivate and enchant anyone who loves music, poetry, visual arts, and technology as a tool to help express them.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: Descanso Music is a multifaceted company that offers a variety of services in promoting Esteban Ramirez. One of its main areas of expertise is managing his national music tours. Ramirez leads an ensemble that includes piano, cello, clarinet, flute, and violin, creating a unique sound that delights audiences. Descanso Music handles all aspects of Ramirez’s tours, from organizing dates and venues to promoting his shows through his social media channels and ensuring that he has everything he needs to perform at his best. As a result, Ramirez has gained a loyal following, and his performances are eagerly anticipated by music lovers across the United States. During his concerts, Ramirez adds an extra element of interest by reading select poems from his pieces. These poems are drawn from his recently published collection titled “Serenade to the Moon – the poetry book.” The combination of music and poetry creates a powerful and emotional experience for audiences. Ramirez’s poetic works are deeply personal, and he often shares his inspirations and motivations with his listeners, further engaging them in the performance. This unique approach to live music has earned Ramirez many accolades and has helped him establish himself as a standout performer in the industry. Descanso Music has also capitalized on the success of Ramirez’s poetry book by generating a product line based on its illustrations. The product line includes note cards, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and tote bags. The illustrations are in the impressionist theme and a unique illustrative representation of Ramirez’s music, and they make for perfect gifts or keepsakes for fans of his music and poetry. The product line has helped to promote both Ramirez’s music and his poetry to a wider audience. Descanso Music’s ability to leverage Ramirez’s talents in multiple ways has been a key factor in his success, and it serves as an example of how the music industry is constantly evolving and adapting to new trends and opportunities.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Descanso Music will be working with Esteban Ramirez to promote his poetry book “Serenade to the Moon – the poetry book” in the next six months through concerts on the West Coast, which will showcase his ensemble performance along with select poetry readings from the book. By promoting his book through concerts, Esteban is reaching out to a wider audience and providing an opportunity for poetry and music enthusiasts to experience his work firsthand. The live performances will not only showcase Esteban’s artistic talent but also create a sense of community among those who appreciate poetry. As a result, the concerts could serve as a platform for aspiring poets and artists to showcase their work and gain inspiration from Esteban’s creative approach. Overall, Esteban’s efforts to promote his poetry book through performances highlight the importance of connecting with an audience to share one’s art and creativity.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Descanso Music is a unique venture that is run by one person, Esteban Ramirez, with the active support of his husband, M. Scott Martin, and sister, Angelica Brunetti. Esteban is a multi-talented musician, composer, poet, and performer who brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to his work. His passion for music is evident in the quality of his compositions and performances, and his ability to connect with his audience on a deep emotional level. Scott Martin, a professional videographer and creative consultant. He plays a critical role in the success of Descanso Music by giving creative feedback and guidance on marketing material, as well as producing high-quality videos that showcase Esteban’s talents and capture the essence of his music. With his expertise in online marketing, Scott is also instrumental in developing and executing marketing campaigns that help to promote the brand and expand its reach. Angelica Brunetti, Esteban’s sister, serves as his booking agent, working tirelessly to secure gigs on the West Coast and build relationships within the music industry. As a family-run business, Descanso Music is heartfelt and nimble, allowing it to be effective in reaching its business goals and connecting with its audience.

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