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An Interview With Flor Palazzolo, Chief Business Development Officer At UTAG

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Below is our recent interview with Flor Palazzolo, Chief Business Development Officer at UTAG:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to UTAG?

A: At the core, UTAG is a tech-driven communication company. That means, we rely on technology to make the communication process more efficient.

We are consultants, brand creators, communication strategists and technology enablers. We are digital accelerators. We believe people get to listen, choose, and connect with brands in a pretty unique way. Their own.

We craft the best solutions to satisfy each specific need, usually in the shape of innovation that brings projects to life. We are obsessed about getting the job done not only for our clients but for their consumers.

Our deliverables combine research, precision, and data driven content all powered by the best technology available to reach that ever-looked extra mile. We always do what it takes to boost brands’ digital processes placing people at the center. Because to build a brighter future, humankind has to be at the core of the communication process.

Q: How did a company born in Latin America became a key player in the US market?

A: We transform crisis into opportunities. We were born around economic, political and any other crisis you can imagine, so, believe me when I say, we are the most resourceful partner you’ll find. We are game-changers and we have the ability to adapt as the changes happen. Real time solutions for a non-stop business that needs flexibility, nimbleness, commitment and fresh new ideas that keep coming.

Our main goal is to be able to bring the professional excellence and economic advantages of our region to markets such as US. Believing in a flattened world, we are looking to integrate our processes and assets to create value for our customers and partners.

Also, the fact that our operational hub is located in Argentina, gives us a competitive advantage not only related to cost but in the quality of talent and diversity of thinking. That being said so, since our main office is in Miami –and have been in this market for a while now-, we are an American company, with the American work ethic and an absolute understanding of the North American market. In summery, we found the balance between Latin-American creativity and resourcefulness and the American know-how.

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Q: Any advice for Latin American entrepreneurs in the US?

A: Usually as Latin Americans we fall short when thinking about our capabilities to solve problems beyond our geographic area. Aim to think big, as an entrepreneur your goal is to create a product or solution that gets the job done, look to solve problems beyond your reach. You can do it!

We believe this is possible thanks to the technological development and the advancement of digital tools.

Fellas, focus on understanding the demands of a highly competitive market like the North American one. Leverage your local expertise and way of thinking, study the US market methods to solve problems and apply your solutions to underserved markets.

Q: What are the next steps for UTAG?

A: We will continue building our business in the US seeking to achieve our mission of transforming highly complex processes into easily understood tools. There is still a long way to go and a market eager to find simplicity in its complexion.

Q: How important is the deal you made with Dreamforce for UTAG?

A: The importance of being able to collaborate with companies like Salesforce lies in the impact generated by communication strategies for mass audiences. Being able to live up to the requirement that this challenge presents is the main fuel that power us to evolve professionally on a daily basis. From a business perspective, was the perfect challenge to address the B2B market and create a pathway towards building new solutions and acquire more clients.

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