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An Interview With Jan Bindig, CEO From DATARECOVERY, Leipzig – Germany

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In a world based on data exchange and storage, the need to store and recover data properly is no longer a luxury. This means that data is the most precious thing one could attain or lose. This is why tonight we decided to interview one game changing person in this field, Jan Bindig, CEO From DATARECOVERY, to inform our readers about the importance of data recovery and how they should take data safety and recovery seriously.

Q: Jan, it is nice having you. Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction about yourself and the field that you are considered a pioneer at?

A: Thank you for having me, it is a pleasure having an opportunity to guide people of what to be aware regarding data recovery field and how they could benefit from it for now, and the future of it.

As for myself, I run a self-managed data recovery company that had been founded in 2004 and specializes in information technology related to security services. We are a team led by myself and consists of 24 of the best people that could work in the field.

Our early beginnings were in the field of server-client infrastructure which is concerned of security in network environments. Our main focus was to help firms with data recovery as this issue could be a daily struggle in teamwork in general.

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Q: That is interesting, could you tell us more of the services you provide your clients with?

A: Well, we provide our clients with a full package of services that makes sure that they are safe. The main services that we provide are:

  • Data recovery services, which could be considered the most popular service we provide as companies would always have a problem with defect storage, network malfunction, new employees and interns, all of these reasons mean that they would need this service at some point.
  • IT Forensics, which as it sounds is related to assessing a crime, or in our case a defect in the hardware that caused, or could cause a data loss incident.
  • IT Security Consultancy, as we assess the storage hardware, networks, and even end user devices to make sure that everything goes right and to solve any present or possible problems.-
  • Ransomware Decryption, which is a field that we are proud that we kept ourselves up to date with, as ransomware was a real pain for many firms, we already developed our own methods to help firms regain their data that was encrypted by ransomware.

Q: How do you manage to deliver such high quality results when it comes to data recovery?

A: Well, if I had someone to praise for that I would praise our professional team and especially our own research and development department.

  • We have been gaining experience and working in the data, file systems field since 1991.
  • My team consists of specialists in each field that is needed in the practice and we are experts in enterprise level.
  • We have our own clean room laboratory of high ESD standards, where more than 100.000 pieces of spare parts are stored.
  • We worked ourselves through high standards of data protection, privacy and quality management until we are certified with ISO 9001:2015.
  • Finally, our performance on the enterprise level gives us a competitive advantage over other companies which made us scalable, detail oriented, and capable of landing larger projects.
  • Because servers do not sleep, we provide 24/7 express services to our clients.

Through all this we gained the reputation and the guaranteed quality level to have our clients’ trust.

Q: Jan, you are the author of the book “The IT-Security Mindset”. Would you like to tell us something about your book?

A: Actually, my main motive for writing this book was to express my observations of IT Security in German medium sized companies. However, it is not just about technical issues or investments into the IT Security technology; rather, it is about the mindset, hence the title, which means how to build systems with contemporary cybercrime in mind, and how to protect digital infrastructure.

Due to the nature of entrepreneurship, I do a lot of traveling, thus, meet similar minds and specialists. This on its own made me learn a thing or two about the industry, which I had to share. In general, people are not paying enough attention to data security especially in smaller, traditional businesses, which is costing them high on the long run.

For that exact reason, I had to share what I know of what businesses should have in mind while building their database, or managing it. This would be the least precaution they have to understand to protect themselves against cyber attacks and data loss.

For my belief this is serious, I included a survey for everyone to check their current level of data safety so that they could understand their situation better.

Q: What does it take to be prepared for the digital challenges of the future?

A: If people had to protect themselves against one thing, I would say it is ignorance. As people have to keep themselves updated and never stop learning. If they did not have the information needed, they would not be able to repel any further threats against their data, and thus, their lives.

The second most important thing is to build good connections with specialists especially in the data security field. Moreover, not be scared of innovations like Artificial Intelligence. In addition, they have to keep questioning themselves to provide the better solution.

As for ourselves, we always keep upgrading the company for the needs of customers and business related solutions.

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Q: What is on the roadmap for DATA RECOVERY moving forward?

A: As we already have a goal to become the leading solution provider for data recovery in the German market, we continue to pursue this goal. We do working hard and playing hard, expand our base of international connections, continuously optimizing processes, and keeping our culture of respect, innovation and sustainability.

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