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An Interview With Joseph Pappalardo, President Of Jet Insurance Services, Inc.

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Jet Insurance Services, Inc. provides surety bonds, liability insurance, and workers comp, to auto dealerships and contractors across all 50 states. We focus on servicing the required insurances of small businesses, most often it is just the owner without any employees.

Typically, a third party will require a business to have a certain coverage in place to be in business or do a job and that coverage is Jet’s specialty. For example, the Department of Motor Vehicles in California requires a bond in the amount of $50,000 to be in place for all retail dealers. Jet delivers targeted bond coverage at the lowest price point to the dealer using best in class processes and markets.

Below is our recent interview with Joseph Pappalardo, President of Jet Insurance Services, Inc.:

Q: How did the company start?

A: Our team started out servicing contactors with California Contractors Insurance Services, Inc. which has been around for 51 years. In 2014, we wanted to expand and bring the best of contractor business practices to other markets knowing we could provide savings in time and money to more business owners. However, the name California Contactors Insurance Services, wouldn’t go over with other small business industries. In 2014, we launched a new entity, Continental Surety and Insurance Services offering bonds for car dealers in California. We rebranded to Jet Insurance Services in January of 2019, as we launched from California only to all 50 states.

Q: What differentiates Jet from other surety and insurance companies?

A: Jet is a brokerage and shops the top carriers available for each surety and insurance line it offers. Once we have secured the lowest rate we offer a monthly payment with our in house installment plan to go along with the pay in full offer.

At Jet, we diligently review and revise our processes and interface, so our customers obtain the proper coverage while using as little of their time a possible to complete applications and payment.

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Q: How does Jet plan to have continuous innovation in a competitive market?

A: It starts with hiring. We look for the best and brightest and then create an environment for each person to shine.

Our small team constantly shares ideas in our open floor office. We train and work together across departments and responsibilities to eliminate inefficiencies and generate new workflows.

Q: Jet offers a scholarship for business students, can you tell us more about this?

A: We wanted to offer financial assistance to students studying to become the future leaders in business. Our essay prompts are designed to invoke thought on topics that will affect the college graduates. Jet gains access into the perspective of these students as we read through each essay. We do find a lot of joy presenting a scholarship each semester to the winner.

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Q: What are Jet’s plans for the future?

A: At Jet we are constantly working on the next market to expand into. The overall game plan is the same, just tweaked for the specific needs of our customer base. We have begun our research on freight forwarders, immigration consultants, and several other industries. Jet hopes to have something new to announce very soon regarding our offerings.

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