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An Interview With Lane Mendelsohn, President At Vantagepoint A.I.

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Below is our recent interview with Lane Mendelsohn, President at Vantagepoint A.I.:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Vantagepoint A.I.?

Lane Mendelsohn: Well, I want to start off by saying how proud I am of this company. We are still family-owned, we have a tight knit family of over ninety team members, and I’m now the second generation to lead it. My daughters are already in training to pick up the reigns someday too.

My father, Louis Mendelsohn, launched our company in 1979. He was fascinated during his college studies by artificial intelligence. He was also passionate about the financial markets. When most other kids were focused on sports, my dad was reading the financial pages. You can learn more about my father, recognized by NASDAQ as a Legend of Wall Street, on our website.

In the early 80s, my father turned the financial trading industry on its head with his theory of strategy back testing. While most people were just hearing about the idea of a home computer, my father realized that personal computers would change our world forever. He set about creating software that would put the power of artificial intelligence and strategy back testing into the hands of independent traders on their home PC. Now remember, this is at a time when computers often didn’t have hard drives! With launch of his software, my father created the FinTech industry for independent traders.

For a few years, people tried to copy my father’s work. Patents weren’t issued for software in those days. Quite a few companies now publicly traded where born out of my father’s work. Then came the market crash; but the silver lining of that experience was that it provided confirmation for my father’s observation that all markets are interconnected – globally. While everyone else was trying to make their own version of my father’s software, he released this new capability totally catching the new FinTech industry completely by surprise.

We were finally able to patent our predictive technical analysis processes and our global intermarket analysis. I finally was old enough to join the company and began focusing on our marketing and in 2018, my father turned the company over to me to helm it. We continue to upgrade and innovate our software and our services, and we now have traders in over 120 countries using this amazing tool my father created.

Q: Can you tell us something more regarding the new sector you’ve released?

Lane Mendelsohn: I’m very excited about this new sector we just released to our VantagePoint traders which is focused on Cybersecurity. We recognized that our ever-increasingly digital world carries some extreme risks. Consequently, we began having our machine learning start focusing on digital products and services for cybersecurity a few years ago.

For us to include a stock or other asset in our predictive forecasts, we have very stringent thresholds that must be met. Primary is that we can accurately and reliably forecast market movements and price action at a least 70% accuracy. Then we ensure that our artificial intelligence keeps learning. Our forecasting software is third-party verified at up to 87.4% accuracy. That’s much more accurate than any human!

I think the remarkable benefit of our software is that A.I. isn’t working from emotion – it just learns. So, a lot of the things that keep traders from being successful like fluctuating feelings, lack of confidence, the ability to make mistakes without self-judgement – all of those are assets in the world of trading with artificial intelligence.

As I said, as we started to take note of this new Cybersecurity trend and how valuable it is to our daily lives, we knew this would be an area of opportunity for traders. So far, we have 54 stocks that have met our forecasting thresholds; and as the machines continue to learn, we’ll be adding more.

We also are dedicated to helping our traders learn more, so for this new sector we are offering any trader a free copy of our eBook about Cybersecurity.

Our motto as a company is Empowering Traders Daily. Whether it’s through our ongoing VantagePoint University for all of traders, innovations in our software, or new opportunities like the Cybersecurity Sector; our focus is on traders being successful with the tool we provide. We want traders to create financial freedom for themselves, establish a legacy, and help not only their own families but their communities too.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your trading software?

Lane Mendelsohn: Our software shows market movements and trend reversals 1 to 3 days in advance with at least 4 points of confirmation so traders can make their trading decisions with confidence. Our predictive blue line on our forecasts gives traders the understanding of a market’s direction. Our patented Neural Index indicates the strength of that trend change. Our short, medium, and long-term momentum indicators help traders determine the strength of the momentum driving the trend, and our predictive gray candlestick alerts traders to the predicted high and low for the stock.

Here’s an example of Ford Motors on March 15th, 2021

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But we also offer traders something equally powerful – our patented Global Intermarket Analysis. This reveals hidden patterns in the global markets that are affecting the price action of Ford. These influences are weighted by how much they are affecting Ford’s stock price.

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Would you have guessed that Robert Half, a staffing agency, or Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, a multinational pharmacy company based in India, or good old Proctor and Gamble were influencing the price of Ford?

Our machine learning is able to crunch thousands of data points in seconds and find these hidden patterns. Could you as a trader find them? Sure, eventually. But by the time you had done the calculations, the opportunity would be gone.

So, this is what makes our software a game changer for traders:
1. You are no longer working with lagging data.
2. You are no longer looking at a stock in isolation.

The way traders currently trade is like trying to drive down the freeway at freeway speeds by looking in your rearview mirror with all but a square inch of all your windows blacked out. That’s a challenging way to make such vital decisions that can dramatically impact your life!

Q: How can people learn more about this new way to trade and more about the Cybersecurity Sector?

Lane Mendelsohn: The best way to see how you could put this technology to use for yourself is to attend one of our free live trainings.

We teach traders how to recognize what the artificial intelligence is showing and how you can take advantage of it quickly. We offer a variety of stock sectors including Technology, Financial, Healthcare, Biotech, Cybersecurity as well as ETFs, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Futures.

We believe in tailoring each package to the trader; if you don’t trade Forex then we don’t want you to pay for it. I’ve given my A.I. Specialists the power to take advantage of every promotion and bundling opportunities to get each trader the most cost-effective package possible.

We also believe in helping traders get off on the right foot, so we provide six months of free customer support. And, after onboarding, we have ongoing training opportunities available to all of our traders, our Live Training Room, and special in-person intensives (once the pandemic is under control.)

Our A.I. is always learning; we have our eye on some other cutting-edge products and services in the markets and are already training the neural nets to forecast them. There are so many exciting opportunities on the horizon! We want to ensure that traders can safely and confidently navigate the markets for the best outcomes for themselves, their families, and their communities.

It’s interesting to me that so many of our traders are so actively giving back in their communities, it’s very much a part of our company ethos. We are highly committed to our charitable giving even when so many companies had to pull back this year; but we redoubled our efforts. My team donates food, clothing, and time locally and we regularly donate a portion of our revenue to Shriners Hospitals for Children and The Children’s Cancer Center. We also go beyond writing a check, our patient ambassadors and their families become part of our Vantagepoint family – we involve them in company events, our celebrations, and in our weekly communication with our entire team. It makes my father and me so happy to see this company he created be instrumental in changing lives around the world.

Q: So, are you hiring?

Lane Mendelsohn: I get that a lot! Yes, we are. We are regularly recognized for our workplace culture and we are growing by leaps and bounds. People are welcome to learn more about us on our website and on our employment site our employment site.

We just celebrated 40 years in business and we’re looking forward to many, many more.

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