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An Interview With CEO, Alex Edson: Track Your Emails in Real-Time

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In one sentence, MailTag is free real-time email tracking, made easy. MailTag’s service is offered through a simple browser extension (chrome and firefox) and offers real-time insights and statistics about a user’s sent emails. Below is our interview with Alex Edson, CEO of MailTag:


Q: Alex, how does it work?

A: Simply add the MailTag extension to your browser, and you’re ready to go. When your MailTagged emails have been opened, you’ll receive a real-time desktop alert and email alert, letting you know your messages have been read. You can also track other neat things such as email reopens, recipient device information, link clicks, and much more.

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Q: Who is ideal for?

A: Our service is ideal for professionals looking to maximize their productivity (especially, salespeople and marketers). Our service is also perfect for prospect and client communication. If you want to know if a prospect or customer has read your proposal, simply hover your mouse over the MailTag icon to view the MailTagged email’s entire history.

Q: How can help salespeople?

A: By enabling salespeople to gain valuable insights into what happens after they click send, salespeople can easily improve their outreach messages and increase sales. For example, if a particular sales email subject line is achieving a higher open-rate than another sales email subject line, you’ll know which one to send in the future.

Q: What’s the cost of

A: MailTag is free, forever. In fact, we are the only company in the Chrome extension store that provides members with:

– Free push notifications when your emails have been read (and free link-click push notifications)

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– Free email open history

– A free dashboard (which shows you neat things including unread emails and your average open-rates).


– Free 24/7 email and live-chat support

– Amongst many other free services.

And if members wish to upgrade their account, we also offer a premium version of our service called “PRO” (just $3.15 a month, billed annually).

Q: Where can I get MailTag?

A: MailTag is available to add to Gmail on both the Chrome browser here and FireFox browser here.

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