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An Interview With Marco Prinzi, Chief Executive Officer At Let’s Go Player 1

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Below is our recent interview with Marco Prinzi, Chief Executive Officer at Let’s Go Player 1:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to “Let’s Go Player 1”?

A: LGP1 is the only E-Sports platform that brings you straight into the heart of the competition, giving everybody the chance to become the hero! We provide the public at home with a brand-new, unique suite of interactive features that allow it to be drawn into the game like never before. LGP1 redefines the E-Sports user experience, empowering and engaging spectators to take an active part in our tournaments through innovative gameplay solutions inspired by Reality TV, while offering unique 11X multi-POV content in a fast and efficient format.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: E-sports fans will have unprecedented access to interact with the contestants and streamers, directly influencing the outcome of the competition. Users can up the ante by betting on the winners, and by unmasking the “traitors” who vote off their own teammates. Our viewers can even earn their chance to compete in Battle Royale, winning their way into the tournament and on to the show, therefore empowering someone from the public to maybe become our champion and bring home the USD 50,000 prize!

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Q: Are you going this path alone, or have you found partners to support you along the way?

A: We are honoured and grateful to have partnered with global leaders in gaming video content and some of the biggest names in e-sports in order to make our vision a reality. Starting with Centurion Entertainment, the Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy award winning film and television studio that supports us in all video production, LGP1 continues implementing strong partnerships with global leaders in digital media. We hence recently announced our partnership with Synesthesia, the foremost Italian Digital Experience agency, in the development of our platform. As leaders in the application of gamification for digital events and video streaming, Synesthesia are uniquely capable of translating our abstract vision into a highly efficient product backed by very solid tech. Lastly, only a few weeks ago we announced our partnership with well-known US videogame marketing firm, Aquatik Studios, to help promote us and bring us to market. Through their loud and authoritative voice, we can achieve the reach we are seeking. Thanks to the experience of partners such as these, consolidated through the years and crowned by many successes, we are confident and excited to be facing this adventure together knowing we are in their capable hands.

Q: What can we expect from LGP1 in next 12 months? What are your plans?

A: “Let’s Go Player 1” seasons are only a month long and immediately consecutive, enabling us to learn from our market, constantly evolving our product. We will therefore have been taught many good lessons. In a year, we will already be approximately 9 seasons in, and by then, we will have brought almost 3000 competitive gamers from out of their homes and into a global interactive virtual environment where they will have made a name for themselves as legitimate E-Sports competitors, made new friends, and maybe even some enemies!

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Q: What is the best thing about “Let’s Go Player 1” that people might not know about?

A: Our community is paramount to us, indeed vital if you consider the nature of our project. We therefore want players at home to be ever increasingly involved, driving the direction of both the product and the community. Not only, in fact, will the public be called to interact and participate directly in the tournaments, but we will provide them with the outstanding opportunity to be involved even more directly in its unrolling. We will be rewarding our followers and early adopters with exclusive access to a variety of perks and awesome possibilities of participation. Stay tuned for lots more exciting news to come!

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