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An Interview With Roger Gooch, CEO At Freedom Cruise Line International

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Freedom Cruise Line International, Inc. is the development entity for Freedom Ship-City at Sea. The company’s primary mission to develop and construct the first mobile City at Sea in history and is so doing the largest vessel in the world. Below is our recent interview with Roger Gooch, CEO at Freedom Cruise Line International, Inc.:

Q: How did your company come into being? Where did the idea come from?

A: The City at Sea concept was derived from a idea initially borne by a deceased engineer from Florida over 2 decades ago.

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Q: What are the primary objectives of your project?

A: “Freedom Ship” is a proposed multi billion dollar endeavor to construct a “floating city”; 1500 meters in length, nearly 250 meters wide and more than 100 meters tall. Employing some 20,000 + people full-time; Freedom Ship will be the largest sea going vessel with 25,000 units of residential and commercial occupancies that will primarily consist of:

a. 20,000 habitational condominiums including 2400 time share units of various configurations and pricing
b. 3,000 commercial units for businesses,etal- (including retail space, offices and corporate & medical occupancies
c. 2,000 units for a Hotel in addition to a world class Casino operation.
d. A full service Marina astern to avail inhabitants and visitors hourly ferry-land services along with a helipad facility on top of Freedom Ship to service both commercial, civilian and medical evacuation needs. A seaplane base is being contemplated as well.

A brief synopsis of what we anticipate Freedom Ship may offer the global marketplace follows:

a) While docking offshore near 6 of the seven continents, Freedom will provide endless international exposure to the world’s population via the visitation to a vast number of seaports along its two + year circumnavigation journey. Visiting these shores and ports, Freedom will potentially attract thousands of visitors daily to its hotel, casino and other onboard amenities- i.e.(duty free shopping, dining, shows, medical facilities and attractions, etc.).

b) Freedom Ship is expected to attract an international cadre of onboard residents & occupants that will enjoy numerous onboard amenities and activities. A state of the art hospital including medical research facilities as well as a school system through college will be onboard as well.

c) Freedom Ship may also serve in various sea activities that may entail resupplying, ferry operations, maintenance, rescue, salvage, and oceanographic research as well as philanthropic and global environmental clean up endeavors.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your design features?

A: Design features of Freedom Ship will avail maritime suppliers the unique opportunity to “showcase” their state of the art products and services to the world as the first “City at Sea”circumnavigates the globe. The Freedom Ship will truly be a “City at Sea”. Along with the 20,000 permanent residences, the ship will have all the amenities of a modern urban city. From water purification to waste treatment and power generation, the ship will feature and showcase evolving “ green technology” to the world. Power will be supplied from modern wind turbines as well as solar generation to supplement fuel efficient fossil fuel/LNG engines. Sanitary sewerage waste will be incinerated in electric towers,thus eliminating the need for traditional wastewater treatment. Grey water will be recycled/purified into drinking water to supplement the on board desalination system. By employing the most up to date green technology, we hope to provide the inhabitants a continuous, clean source of energy at an affordable cost with a minimal carbon footprint.

Q: What are some of your main objectives in 2020 and how do you plan to achieve them?

A: Freedom Ship News forthcoming in 2020! We are pleased to announce that Freedom Ship’s Board of Directors have determined that primary construction operations will commence in Indonesia and Singapore. Design processes are currently underway and live real time construction operations are planned to be provided to the global audience via on site 24/7 webcams. In addition, FCL is currently open to dialogue with all interested parties or entities relative to either stock equity investments and or joint venture relationships as well.

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