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An Interview With Sarah T. Davis From Healthy Wealthy And Sober

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Healthy Wealthy and Sober is a “holistic recovery movement” and business that transforms the Personal and Professional lives of people in Addiction and Alcoholism recovery with courses, coaching, tools, exclusive blog posts and newsletters, support, inspiration and motivation. Below is our recent interview with Sarah T. Davis, Certified Recovery Coach at Healthy Wealthy and Sober:

Q: Why did you start Healthy Wealthy and Sober Movement?

A: I started it for 2 main reasons, the first, to help others facing obstacles, similar to my own in recovery life. Secondly, as a way to honor life lessons learned from my mother’s early death at age 40, in a random workplace shooting. Life is too short and everyday matters. I’ve seen too many people, myself included suffer from the “secondary addiction and alcoholism epidemic” and that is what happens when the drink or drug of choice is put down. Spending time in confusion, boredom, misery and depression are common occurrences among those in recovery, whether it’s been one day or thirty years clean and sober. Mainstream programs don’t help with all areas of life, resulting in depressingly low success rates. My holistic recovery programs are effective because they help with areas such as stress management, exercise and nutrition, life purpose, fun and recreation, changing careers and money mindset.

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Q: What are the benefits of signing up to your video masterclass?

A: In my free video masterclass, “How to Live Your Best Life in Recovery from Addiction, Alcoholism or Problem Drinking…Without Spending a Fortune on Rehab or Years in Therapy” I teach the sneaky symptoms that mean someone’s just surviving in recovery life and how to transition to thriving. I reveal the 3 common myths that prevent someone from living a badass life in recovery. I share part of my story and transformation and what the solution is for complete relief from the ravages of addiction, alcoholism and problem drinking.

Q: Sarah, you’ve recently launched a challenge to all people in addiction and alcoholism recovery; could you tell us something more?

A: In the free video masterclass, I introduce the premier, holistic recovery online course, Rock Your Recovery University. In the year 2019, I’m challenging 2,019 of my clients to transform their personal and professional lives and take their health, wealth and spirits to the next level by graduating from Rock Your Recovery University. I believe, “we owe it to ourselves, those closest to us and our global community to live our best lives. It’s time to get rid of the confusion, boredom, misery and depression that can accompany life in recovery and be our best selves.”

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I will continue to help recovering addicts, alcoholics and problem drinkers live their best lives and keep creating innovative and helpful courses, products and services to make that possible. It’s exciting to leverage technology and be able to help people all over the world.

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