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An Interview With Sohret Pakis From Polin Waterparks – Largest Waterslide-Manufacturing Plant In The World

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Below is our recent interview with Sohret Pakis, Director of Marketing & Communications of Polin Waterparks:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Polin Waterparks?

A: Polin Waterparks was founded in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1976. Current headquarters for our 35,000-square-meter plant is in Dilovasi, Turkey, the largest waterside-manufacturing plant in the world. Polin produces a wide range of equipment — from extreme waterslides to aquariums — using innovative technology and the highest-quality materials available.

Polin has accomplished numerous milestones, including the installation of the first waterparks in many countries, as winning awards for rides world-renowned parks. We’re recognized for offering the industry’s widest range of products, including signature rides such as the patented King Cobra, Magic Spheres, Spheres, Magicone, Space Shuttle, Stardust and Storm Racer.

Polin Waterparks is the only waterslide company in the world to produce all of its waterslides using RTM (resin transfer molding/close-molded production) via fully automated robots.

The company maintains a leadership role in technology modernism within the aquatics industry by offering the greatest variety of slides that incorporate innovative gaming technologies.

With 42 years of global experience in the composites sector, Polin has developed an unmatched expertise in both business and technology. Our successful completion of more than 3,000 projects — of different sizes and complexity and in 105 countries around the world — continues to build our wealth of experience.

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Q: Can you explain how are you integrating new technologies into your offerings?

A: The waterpark industry is continually evolving, waterparks want to offer the most attractive, exciting, and appealing rides. Since we live in a society in which guests demand novelty, I think the biggest challenge for the waterpark operators is to make sure they continually offer new, exciting rides that attract guests, keep their interest, and make them want to come back again and again. To help in that effort, we design our waterslides according to studies of what the guests want. Basically, that means the consumers themselves are now shaping the waterslide designs.

Interactivity for example has led a new line of waterslides in our portfolio: ‘effects and technology-integrated’ waterslides.

These slides include automated systems, such as waterslide traffic control/signal light systems, sensor systems, timing systems, control units, and the integration of special effect and media-based attractions such as visual and auditory effects and augmented reality.

The incorporation of these features has, in fact, affected the overall design of our products.

Another rising trend is “theming”. Customers want waterslides tell them stories. A great example of a themed waterslide is our King Cobra. The fiberglass theming of the King Cobra is especially worth mentioning because this waterslide is the first to offer a theme built into its fiberglass design, which—by the way—doesn’t have to be based on a cobra. I do not know if you had the chance to see the Humangaslide version of the King Cobra. It is very interesting.

Q: Can you give us insights into your products?

A: Polin has perfected hundreds of exclusive and successful projects all around the world: outdoor parks, indoor parks, and hotel/resort packages, regardless of the project’s size. Europe’s largest waterpark, Europe’s largest indoor waterpark, the Middle East’s largest waterpark, and the largest and award winning waterparks of Iran, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Ukraine, Greece, Czech Republic, and many more. We also installed Europe’s longest waterslide in Rossano, Italy, and Europe’s longest multislide in Prague, Czech Republic.

To date, Polin Waterparks has designed and installed more than 3000 waterparks in 105 countries around the world. Some were immense projects with 50 waterslides and many kids’ play attractions; some were smaller parks with fewer attractions. Some were themed, and some were not. Many were for parks with world-renowned reputations, and others were local venues. Some were indoor, and some were outdoor. Basically, my point is that, as a waterslide manufacturer, we have been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients, installing our signature rides or creating specially designed rides based on that specific client’s needs and desires. We’ve also been proud to work with clients who are open to our ideas and who allow us to collaborate on some fabulous projects. Polin is 42 years old, and has been producing solely waterslides since mid 1980s.

Q: Why Polin? What makes you the best at what you do?

A: I believe it’s our focus on three principles that shape everything we do: innovation, quality and technology. Innovation is worth emphasizing, because it happens everywhere, not just R&D. We’re focused on implementing systematic innovation companywide. One example: our King Cobra and Spheres slides. Another: our process innovation, such as switching to and expanding RTM and strategy innovation.

Technology is also of huge importance to us. In fact, we’ve set three technology “targets” for the next three years. A main one is to be the technology leader among waterslide suppliers. To support this goal, we’ve stepped up our technology investment, focusing on composites-manufacturing technologies, simulation and computer-aided design and development, material technology (such as surfacing materials, nonslip surfaces and coatings on soft surfaces, splash pads and special effects) and technology-integrated products.

We’ve built strong relationships with customers, partners and suppliers, and we’re committed to our customers. This is very important to us.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Polin is committed to providing the best-quality product and service by investing in continuous research and development. We plan to further expand our L-RTM line while introducing new signature rides and innovations. In the future, we’ll continue to be a global and technology leader in our industry. We aim to extend this objective to all the products we deliver, including new offerings such as wave parks, surf parks, aquariums, etc.

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