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An Interview With Steven Chen, Chief Executive Officer At Sweegen

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Below is our recent interview with Steven Chen, CEO at Sweegen:

Q: What does Sweegen accomplish better than anyone one else in the food and beverage marketplace?

A: We deeply care about our client’s consumers. We are only as successful as our customers are on their health and wellness journeys. We share the passion to impact people and planet in a positive way with our technologies and innovations.

Every day we wake up with a common purpose to help consumers by helping brands expand and improve their offerings of better-for-you products that will empower consumers to make the healthiest food and beverage decisions. We give our team the tools and freedom to bring innovative solutions to the table, and then make them a reality for our clients with our invaluable resources and expertise.

Q: What does Sweegen care about the most?

A: We care about our clients above all else. We care about them more than we care about
ourselves. We take care of them by delivering execution capability, great speed, valuable tools and resources, and exceptional customer service to empower them with the tools they need to bring health and wellness products to the world.

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Q: What is unique about the Sweegen team?

A: Our level of Personalization and Agility makes our team unique. Our team never provides any 2 clients with the same solution – we listen and research their unique needs and come up with a custom solution tailored to each client. Our team is agile and able to go to market quicker with our high level of expertise and entrepreneurial culture. We have a robust business infrastructure to support our team and provide the most value to our clients: Innovation, Regulatory & Compliance, Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and more.

Q: Where is Sweegen headed?

A: Sweegen is exploring new food and beverage frontiers and will become a thought leader in the new categories which it explores. We will continue to identify consumer trends to help brands develop food and beverage products that are relevant to their consumers and their health and wellness needs. We are a team of risk-takers who consistently challenge the myth that healthy foods and beverages can’t taste delicious.

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Q: What is your business model?

A: We are an innovative systems provider. We are experts in our space and create core components for food and beverage systems that enable health and wellness solutions at scale.

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