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Angel Capital Group Helps Innovative Startups Fund Their Future

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The Angel Capital Group is a growing national angel investor network. Angel Capital Group, has recently announced an investment in a direct-to-fan concert booking startup Below is our recent interview with Eric Dobson CEO of the Angel Capital Group:

eric-dobsonQ: Tell us something more about Angel Capital Group?

A: Angel Capital Group is a syndicate of angel groups and funds. We have hundreds of members who are subject matter experts, successful entrepreneurs, and venture investors to evaluate outstanding teams with innovative products, services, and business models. We do three things: amass great minds, aggregate capital, and source outstanding dealflow. We are in seven cities now and expect to be in 15 by the end of the year. We believe his is the age of the professional angel investor and we expect to lead the way. We love and respect entrepreneurs! Without them, our entire economy would collapse and we would have no business model!

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Q: What are your investment criteria and what target areas are the most interest to you?


  1. Companies with unique or protectable products or services with large market opportunities and recurring revenue models.
  2. Companies with a management team in place.
  3. Companies with a beta version of their product with beta clients/testing at a minimum.
  4. Companies that are within six months of the inflection point of making meaningful revenue at a minimum for non-biotech companies; 24 months from revenue for biotech.
  5. Companies that will become cashflow positive within 24 months and breakeven within 36 months at a minimum.
  6. Preferred equity, convertible note into preferred equity, or revenue sharing deal structure.
  7. Companies with a clear and logical exit strategy.
  8. Companies from a $1.5M – $6M valuation.
  9. Potential for a return of a 10 times our invested capital in 5 years, which generally equates to between $15M – $60M in annual revenue in that time frame.
  10.   Companies in the technology, software as a service, medical devices, biotech/life sciences, and advanced materials sectors. We also look at greentech, energy, financial services, and digital/web media sectors. We will consider an occasional consumer product if it has a massive market and a strong IP position. We generally do not invest in service-based businesses outside of software and finance. We generally do not invest in the food/bev sector unless it is a uniquely marketable brand. And, we don’t invest internationally at this time.


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Q: At what stage does Angel Capital Group invest?

A: We typically invest the first time within 6 months on either side of the revenue line. We have created the syndicate to ensure we can reinvest in the portfolio companies that prove execution.

Q: What is the best way to approach you with a business plan?

A: We use Venture360 to collect deal flow. We require a standardized platform for sharing your deal information with our investors across the country. If a company wishes to apply for funding, please go to our website and simply apply for funding. This starts a formal process that we take very seriously. All our dealflow comes through this portal. It gives us the ability to quickly tell them our level of interest in the venture and it serves as the basis for our diligence reports to our investor/members. If they apply, they will receive a response.

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Q: What qualities do you look for in a successful startup?

A: We are looking for A teams with A products, so it is all about you and how the entrepreneur will use our resources to return capital. We have to love the team and we have to love their ability to execute. Once that hurdle is crossed, the critical information is understanding the competition and focusing on the marketing, sales, and exit plans. The most important thing a team can show is how our money comes back with confidence.

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