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Anodot Disrupts The Static Nature Of BI With Real Time Anomaly Detection

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Recently Anodot introduced its real-time anomaly detection solution, which aims to disrupt the static nature of today’s Business Intelligence (BI) with patented machine learning algorithms for big data. Pinpointing performance issues and business opportunities in real time, Anodot enables its customers to increase operational efficiency and maximize revenue generation. Below is our interview with Uri Maoz, head of US business at Anodot:

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Q: Anodot speaks a lot about disruption of the static nature of BI – why do you think the current BI tools are not good enough?

A: Traditional BI tools have a lot of value and are an important asset in the organization tool box. However, they present several challenges: First, they were not built to scale to millions of metrics that companies need to track in today’s world. Therefore, companies will usually compromise and decide to track only small portion of the data they have. As a result, they lose important insights. Second, these systems require a lot of maintenance. Companies often have large teams that generate reports and dashboard pages on demand on a daily basis, which is not really an efficient process. And last but not least – by using the approach of generating reports, companies don’t gain the insights they need in real time. That’s why we claim that the current nature of BI is static.

Q: Can you explain how Anodot is different?

A: Let me answer by giving an example – David Drai, Anodot’s CEO and co-founder was previously CTO at Gett, a mobile app for hailing taxis, tracking and paying. He was using Business Intelligence tools to analyze the app’s business performance. But, on occasion, SMS text orders would be dropped by the carrier, and it could take up to three days to spot critical issues and fix them, costing tens of thousands of dollars per incident. That’s where he came up with the idea for Anodot—to employ the latest advances in machine learning to detect performance problems automatically and in real time, eliminating business latency.

Anodot introduces a new approach to analyze companies’ data – instead of looking at reports and dashboards, Anodot automatically learns your data’s normal behavior, then identifies any deviations in real time and sends you an accurate alert in real time so you can take action. The entire process is unsupervised – You don’t need to create reports, dashboards or any static thresholds, so there is no maintenance needed. Any company with seasonal data that changes throughout the day, week or month can understand what a huge benefit this is.

Since it is so easy, and so robust, instead of having to select which metrics to track, you can track 100% of your data at any level of granularity. The entire process is done in real time, so you get the alerts and the information when you need it and can react in time to preempt problems.

Anodot Disrupts The Static Nature Of BI

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Q: How much work is needed to use Anodot and which skills are needed for Anodot users?

A: We believe that in today’s world, every product should be super easy to use. The world in which users read tons of documentation and spend months in order to maintain product has long passed. Therefore, we created Anodot with the user experience in mind. It is very easy to start using Anodot – all you need to do is to send the data over and the rest is done by our system.

In addition, you don’t need to be a data scientist to use Anodot. We have customers with hundreds of users that are using Anodot on a daily basis – business analysts, developers, devops teams and more. And the great thing about it is that the adoption of Anodot was viral – once a few users start to work with the system, others added more data and use cases and expanded the use of the product since they immediately saw the value it brought to their day to day work.

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Q: Can you give examples of use cases Anodot customers use the product for?

A: Definitely. First of all, the demand for the Anodot service is amazing. Every company we speak with that has data to analyze gets really excited about the option to transform the way they operate. Let me give few examples from various verticals we work with:

Ad-tech – companies have to track clicks, impressions, bids and other KPIs over many dimensions – for example getting alerts on abnormal behavior for the number of clicks per combination of campaigns, publishers, geographic location, etc. Abnormal behavior of clicks or impressions might implicate that there is a technical problem in the ad-network, a problem with a specific publisher or fraud. Getting accurate alerts from Anodot’s system in real time enables these companies to understand the problem and react in real time.

e-commerce/ web-based business – e-commerce companies offer hundreds of products being sold across various locations. Tracking the prices, revenue, number of purchases of each products is an impossible mission with a regular BI tool. So if for example, there is a price glitch in one of the products it might take hours or even days to discover it. By using Anodot, companies can track 100% of their product purchases and prices and receive real time alerts when there is abnormal behavior.

Industrial IOT – Industrial Internet of Things is a growing industry in which we see a lot of demand for anomaly detection, since the amount of data collected is enormous. Anodot leverages the stream data generated by IoT such as meter readings, sensor data, error events, voltage readings and more and monitors data over time to automatically detect out-of-the-ordinary data and events, deliver diagnoses and make preemptive recommendations that represent significant cost savings, increased safety, and an upturn in customer satisfaction.


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Q: What can we expect from Anodot in 2016?

A: Our intention is to become the de facto standard for anomaly detection, either as a standalone system, or as a complement to Business Intelligence tools. The solution was just introduced a few months ago and we are already achieving phenomenal traction. So now we are busy getting the word out, and in parallel developing solutions that are tailored to specific industries. If you are interested in trying Anodot, please get in touch.

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