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Answer 1 Helps Small And Medium-Size Businesses Sell More, Cut Costs, And Enhance Their Brand Image

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Answer 1 is a virtual receptionist and business answering service provider for small and medium-size businesses. Answer 1 helps small and medium-size businesses sell more, cut costs, and enhance their brand image with their 24/7/365 virtual receptionist service.

Below is our recent interview with Walt Conrad, Director of Marketing at Answer 1:

Walt Conrad

Q: You’ve recently announced the move to segment your virtual receptionists into industry-specific teams; tell us something more?

A: The virtual receptionist market has really begun to shift in recent years to better differentiate itself from the traditional answering service industry. Technology and customer experience have become even more crucial to the day-to-day operations of businesses. Business owners want to offer their clients unbelievable experiences with their brand, understanding that a missed or unreturned call will drive that person to a competitor. And they know that tight business technology integration and reliability is even more so to the success of their business. Most (98%) providers have receptionists that handle hundreds of calls per day, ranging from legal to plumbing calls, which never allows them to really speak the (industry) language or relate to the caller. We placed our receptionists into industry specific teams to ensure that our customer’s clients feel like they are speaking with someone who has the same industry knowledge as someone in their office. Again, it goes back to customer experience. When you call a law firm or a plumber, you expect to speak with someone who knows how to answer the questions you’re asking, is empathetic in certain situations, etc. It also allows us to have a better understanding of the business technologies used in each industry and our receptionists can input information in real time. The feedback we’ve received has been off the charts and it has become a big differentiator for us against other providers in the space.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: The ideal client is any small to medium-size business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to grow their business. Our clients use our services in a multitude of ways: as their main point of contact, for afterhours coverage, to schedule appointments and make follow up calls, qualify sales leads, tech support, customer service, etc., there are so many businesses using Answer 1 to help grow their business. We work with solo and small law firms, realtors, property management companies, HVAC and plumbing businesses, financial services providers, technical companies, and more. Our technology allows our virtual receptionists to do almost anything and everything a business needs.

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: We’re really excited about segmenting our receptionists into industry specific teams. It should help further differentiate us from others in the market. But what we’re really gearing up for in the next six months is the release of our mobile app and desktop customer portal. This will give our clients the ability to manage their accounts and virtual receptionist teams on the fly and from their mobile device or laptop/desktop. Many business owners are becoming accustomed to having everything their business needs at their fingertips, this will give them even more control.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Answer 1?

A: Each year US businesses lose $41 Billion due to poor customer service. Simply put, most business owners can’t afford to miss a potential customer call, fail to follow up, or provide a sub-par customer experience. Our services allow you to focus on growing your business while we handle the minutiae of answering calls, scheduling appointments, etc. Plus, our clients stay with us on average over 6+ years. I think that’s a track record that speaks for itself.

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