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Anyline Gives Every Smartphone The Power To Read, Interpret And Process Visual Information

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Below is our recent interview with Lukas Kinigadner, the CEO of Anyline:

Q: Lukas, can you tell us something more about Anyline?

A: Anyline gives every smartphone the power to read, interpret and process visual information. With our technology integrated into an app or webpage, our users can digitize information in an instant, directly from their phone.

Since we founded the company in Vienna back in 2013, we have become the market leader in mobile text recognition, with a worldwide client base that includes the likes of PepsiCo, Canon, and Porsche, as well as national governments, and the United Nations.

Q: Can you give us insights into your products?

A: A key to Anyline’s success is our versatility and capability to develop new use cases and products quickly. When potential clients come to us with a specific need, we work with them closely to create the solution for their specifications.

Having said that, our most sought after OCR solutions currently fall into the following groups:

Mobile Meter Reading gives utilities companies the power to scan meters instantly and accurately during visits, or can be integrated into customer apps so that homeowners can scan their own meters and send the results directly back to their provider. For companies changing to smart meters, Anyline can also optimize the changeover process with reliable and precise documentation of current meter readings.
ID Scanning for passports, national ID cards and driving licenses enables immediate verification, and removes manual data entry from registration processes. This is especially useful for law enforcement, but is also a huge time and resource saver for the banking and tourism sectors, where new customers can be onboarded within seconds, rather than minutes.
License Plate Scanning is also a key use case for our clients in law enforcement and border security, but has further uses in the private sector. For example, it is currently used by clients to streamline parking and vehicle fleet management, as well as car rental services.
Serial Number Scanning is perhaps one of our most adaptable solutions. From promotional voucher codes on fast-moving consumer goods to container numbers used in worldwide logistics, our customisable serial number scanning is opening up new opportunities for our clients to speed up processes across dozens of different sectors.
Document Scanning is one of the more obvious, yet no less important features we offer our clients. To give only a few examples of how it is used, our mobile document scanner is already making it easier for companies to send bills instantly, manage their supply chains and handle insurance claims.

Other use cases being used by our clients include reading bank IBANs, mobile phone IMEI numbers, and even cattle tags! The easiest way to see the full range and potential of Anyline is to download our free demo app from the App Store or Google Play.

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Q: How exactly does your scanning process work?

A: The beauty of any great tech product is in the distillation of the incredibly intricate and complicated into something which even a child can use. And that’s something we’re really proud to say of our products at Anyline.

If you want to get deep into the code, you’ll find a mobile OCR solution that brings together the power of neural networks and artificial intelligence to bridge the gaps between the analog and digital world. Through mountains of data and hours of machine learning, we train our SDKs to recognise our target reading to the highest degree of speed and accuracy.

But for our end users, it’s as simple as point and scan.

If I had to pick one unique selling point which makes Anyline stand above the competition, I would choose our offline functionality. Unlike other options on the market, Anyline does all its image processing on your device; that means it will work anywhere and anytime, even without an active connection to the internet.

This is hugely important to our clients, not just because it allows greater flexibility and independence to work on the go, but also for security. We don’t rely on external servers, so our customers’ data stays where it belongs, in their control. It’s what makes us the choice of police forces, banks and airlines around the world.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like Anyline?

A: There couldn’t be a better time for Anyline. We see two major trends where our technology will not only change the way businesses work, but also how they engage with their clients. The first is industry-specific. From utilities to logistics and smart factories, the words on everyone’s lips are ‘digital transformation’. Billions are lost every year due to poor-quality data. By integrating Anyline scanning into their processes, our clients are seeing huge increases in accuracy and efficiency, simply by eliminating the errors of manual data entry.

Turning to the world of B2C, customers today expect a seamless digital experience when interacting with their service provider, from multinational companies to their local municipalities. Anyline scanning is already in action all over the world, simplifying everyday tasks as varied as tax-free shopping, registering a new bank account, hotel check-in, making an insurance claim and activating a new SIM card, to name only a few uses.

Feedback from our B2C clients tells us that using Anyline is a double-win for them. Integrating scanning into their service doesn’t just improve their efficiency and workforce motivation, but enhances their customer experience at the same time.

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Q: What can we expect from Anyline in the future?

A: Things are very much on the ascendency at the moment. Right now, we are aiming to repeat our achievements from last year – doubling our headcount and tripling revenue – and are planning for a round of series A funding within the next 6-9 months to enable us to scale up considerably.

In terms of our products, we will continue to expand our use-case portfolio. One new product we are especially proud of is our upcoming tire identification number (TIN) scanner, which will read unique serial numbers printed onto vehicle tires. Reading black text on a black surface, that’s also bent around a wheel is exceptionally difficult! This is a remarkable innovation that only Anyline can provide.

We are also branching out further into app-less scanning solutions. We took the first step in this direction in July with the launch of a JavaScript SDK and web API. The JavaScript SDK allows users to integrate our scanning technology into any webpage with just a few lines of code – eliminating the need to develop and launch an app. The web API, on the other hand, lets users with a large database of images, such as images of meter readings, to do server-side, batch processing.

All said, the next year will be a huge one for us, and Anyline-watchers out there can expect some big things in the coming months!

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