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AP Express Helps Your Business Cut Costs And Simplify AP Processes

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Nivo1 is the company behind AP Express™, a game-changing cloud-based Accounts Payable automation software. Developers at Nivo1 developed this feature-rich AP software to easily integrate with your existing ERP system automating the entry of invoice information, eliminating the risk of human error and saving you money and time by capturing early payment discounts. Below is our interview with David Busch, CEO of Nivo1:

David Busch

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Nivo1?

A: Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Nivo1 provides a low-cost, accounts payable automation software solution that helps your business cut costs and simplify AP processes. With our premier product AP Express™, Nivo1 is committed to helping customers leverage their ERP data with a seamless system integration to customer, vendor, order, and receipt data. We compete feature-for-feature with other AP automation solutions, to provide essential functionality for AP processing. Our goal is to give customers a full view of their AP workflow process so they can maximize their investments, profit from reduced AP efforts, and earn discounts from efficient processing.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of AP Express?

A: AP Express is a low-cost, cloud-based solution that simplifies and automates your Accounts Payable processes while integrating seamlessly with your ERP.

Since AP Express is cloud-based, there is no on-site software and no capital investment required. The tight integration with your ERP allows you to leverage all your existing data and the workflow streamlines the invoice approval process. Additionally, our data capture technology reduces data entry errors and saves 5 to 7 minutes of data entry time per invoice. AP Express also includes an invoice image archiving solution for easy storage and access of invoices.

Q: You’ve recently released AP Express 3.0; tell us something more?

A: The highlights of this release include receipt matching, line-level invoice capture, a mobile app for approval workflow, user-defined data entry fields for customization, and an overall product UI redesign for improved usability.

· Receipt-matching, also known as three-way matching, keeps invoice payments aligned with purchase order receipts. This new feature maximizes the AP Express integration with ERP purchase order and receiving data to give users fine control of cash flow for goods received.

· Line-level invoice capture enhances the existing header-level invoice capture to further automate the invoice entry process. Line-level capture means that quantity, unit prices, and amounts can be uploaded without user-entry, increasing the time-savings for invoice entry processing already inherent in AP Express.

· The AP Express mobile app for iOS and Android devices addresses the challenge of obtaining invoice approvals in time to capture discounts. Approvers receive approval notifications, header and line details, and invoice images on their mobile device so that they can review and participate in the payable workflow approval process when browser-based access to AP Express is inconvenient.

· ExpressFields, a user-defined data entry field, accommodate the unique needs of customers by providing the ability for users to define up to ten additional data entry fields. These fields allow AP Express customers to capture additional information and keep it with the invoice record in AP Express.

· User interface improvements focus on improved appearance for an intuitive user experience, keeping a user-friendly product in-line with its commitment to ease-of-use and affordable implementation.

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Q: What are main benefits for your users?

A: AP Express provides all the features of a high-end, on-premise solution for Accounts Payable automation, but at a fraction of the cost. With AP Express you save on initial hardware investments because AP Express is Cloud-based. You also save significantly on the implementation of AP Express. With on-premise solutions the implementation can take up to 6 months. We can have you up and running on AP Express in 30 business days at no cost to you. You even save money on ongoing maintenance and storage costs because AP Express centralizes and stores invoice-processing data in the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere.

AP Express leverages data directly from your existing ERP system while AP Express workflows ensure that invoices are properly routed, and image archiving enables full searchability of your AP invoice information. With AP Express, you’ll get a real-time picture of your accounts payable.

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: At Nivo1, we are always thinking ahead to develop new features that will further benefit our users. The big functionality that is currently in development to be released in the upcoming months includes integration with additional ERPs, including PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. We will also be rolling out flat-file integration and enhancing our application configuration flexibility. We pride ourselves on our continuous development of AP Express and seamless upgrades to continuously provide our customers with product enhancements and new functionality.

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