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Listen to this article is development platform that combines a cloud-based platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services. The has recently announced support for the AngularJS and Bootstrap frameworks. Here is our interview with Max Katz, Head of Developer Relations at

max-katz-ApperyQ: offers a cloud-based rapid development environment with integrated backend services, tell us something more about the company and your core services?

A: is the first low-code platform for the rapid development and deployment of cross-device applications. It combines a cloud-based rapid development environment, integrated back-end services and middleware that simplifies integration with enterprise systems and cloud services. enables developers to rapidly and cost-effectively create apps that help businesses of all sizes increase revenues and improve productivity. is developed and marketed by Appery, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Exadel, Inc. a leading services firm trusted by enterprises worldwide. The platform was initially built for the internal use of Exadel consultants to accelerate the development of cross device applications for Exadel’s enterprise customers because there were no viable platforms in the market. The platform now enjoys the support of a fast growing community of over 200,000 developers and many enterprise customers.

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Q: What are main benefits of platform?

A: accelerates time to market and reduces costs of building, deploying, and maintaining cross device applications. Thanks to its low-code visual builder, developer productivity is increased significantly. In addition, removes the skills barrier that is typical of alternative solutions which required specialized skills that are scarce. – Cloud Development Platform

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Q: You’ve recently announced API Express to Simplify Integration with Enterprise Data Systems, tell us something more?

A: API Express solves one of the most difficult challenges with enterprise mobility today: most enterprise backend systems are not mobile friendly. Their interfaces were developed for server to server communication and they can’t support thousands of small devices that are connected over a less reliable wireless network. API Express dramatically simplifies the process of integrating apps to enterprise systems with little to no coding required. In addition, with Offline Sync, can support apps that are not always within network coverage. API Express

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Q: What can we expect from in next six-nine months? What are your plans?

A: We are investing heavily on the platform to enable enterprises and developers to accelerate mobile innovation. For example, we are planning to launch support for the Ionic framework (already in Beta) that will significantly improve the user experience while still benefiting from a single code base across device types. We are also planning significant improvements to our MBaaS and backend infrastructure that we will announce in the near future.​

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