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AppUpper – Boost Your Mobile Apps Popularity

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Startup AppUpper helps you boost your mobile apps popularity by crowdsourced reviews. Below is interview with Marcos Lavorato, Co-founder of AppUpper.

Q: What is AppUpper and how does it work?

A: We like to present ourselves as “the first crowd-review platform” available for Mobile apps. Case studies on ASO (App Store Optimization) for Mobile apps performance show that if you have nice reviews in the main app stores, your app might get a lift in its ranking position, and by consequence, get a boom in popularity and downloads. Today we have a considerable number of people interested in mobile technology in our database, and we offer them a reward for reviewing specific apps, which are indicated by us and provided by companies willing to pay us for this service. Once they rate and review the app, they can also report a bug or enhancements, so the crowd-reviewers become crowd-testers as well. Our main target are small companies with good apps, but with no QA or test teams, nor a number of employees big enough to write massive reviews. AppUpper also offers additional ASO Consultancy services.


Q: Is it possible to make money with AppUpper?

A: Yes, as a reviewer you get paid for each review you make, after downloading and testing the app, and you also get extra money for any unknown bug you find. There is a limited special offer for those who sign-up, as well. It’s very important to say that AppUpper condemns black-hat practices, and here people get paid by their reviews no matter if it is positive or negative, we have no intention to spoil the credibility of reviews nor to dictate what apps should be judged good or bad.

Q: What is the main benefit for app developers and how much does it cost?

A: There are a lot of good apps in app stores right now but most of them might never reach their deserved popularity. Usually those apps comes from medium, small companies or startups which can’t afford marketing campaigns. In addition, usually it takes them longer to deploy products and sometimes the testers are even the same people who developed the software, spoiling the quality-assurance principles. For bigger companies which do have a solid structure and development cycle, AppUpper might work as beta-testing team, and an ASO partner to increase the market response to the launch of their technology.

The cost of AppUpper crowd-services is variable, based on the number of reviews achieved, plus the number of valid unknown bugs found, limited to a budget set by hiring company.

Q: Where are you based?

A: AppUpper’s headquarters is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. But our services are offered online, globally.

Q: What is your main goal at the moment?

A: As every startup company bringing some level of innovation, our main goal is to have our product and business model validated. We will accomplish that when we would have a portfolio composed by a mix of small, medium and bigger companies, plus a considerable database of registered people from the main mobile-app-consuming countries on the Globe. We want companies to discover AppUpper and pay attention to us as potential lifetime partners.

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