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AppVested – Connecting Serious Investors With Carefully Vetted, Mobile App Ideas

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Written by: Jeff Brokaw, Co-Founder of new startup AppVested

Have you ever had a great idea for a mobile app? Ever since the concept hit us for AppVested, we have heard the phrase “I’ve got a great app idea!”, from what seems like 9 out of 10 people we spoke with. The fact is, most people have what they think could be a great new app idea, but very few of those same people have the time, money or skill-set to see their idea through. It usually ends up fizzling away into oblivion or someone else with the resources to bring the idea to life does just that.

We are AppVested, a first of it’s kind, niche-based equity crowdfunding portal with a focus on mobile application development. We accept app ideas from any and everyone who think they may have the next great app idea, but lack the precious time, money and knowledge needed to bring it to life.

With the mobile app market expected to triple over the next 3 years and the crowdfunding arena expecting over a 6000% increase by 2025, bridging the two markets just seemed like an absolute no brainer.


After our extensive vetting process, what we call our “AppValuation”, we select only the most opportune ideas to place on our platform for funding. In return for investment, accredited investors, “AppVestors”, receive an equity share in the application, and in return for their AppIdea, “AppVentors”, receive royalties based on the performance of the application.

The beauty lies within our business model. People who have these great app ideas that would normally just be a dream, a fleeting thought, can spend 5-10 minutes on our platform pitching us their idea. From there, if we deem it a legitimate contender, we take care of the rest. We facilitate it’s funding, we design and develop the application and to complete the process, we strategically market the app to further ensure its success.

If you or someone you know, have what you think could be the next great AppIdea, signup on our platform (it’s 100% free to join) and pitch us your idea. The only thing you have to lose is the potential money lost by not doing so. Together, AppVested works to create real value for all parties. With qualified investment capital we FIND, FUND, and FACILITATE mobile applications to market.

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