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Arbitech – A Customer’s Technology Solutions Partner

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Since 2000 Arbitech has been the independent distributor of data center products for many resellers, integrators, manufacturers, and customers within the US. Arbitech is best known for its unique approach and flexible solutions for creating profit opportunities in the supply chain. Below is our interview with Frank Llaca, President of Arbitech:

Frank Llaca Q: What is unique about Arbitech and how does it stand out from competition?

A: Arbitech prides itself on being a customer’s technology solutions partner. Beyond price and availability, Arbitech provides additional value by offering pre and post engineering support; quick turnaround times; ability to source end of life or constrained product; and solutions spread across multiple manufacturers.

Q: Who are the primary users of Arbitech and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Arbitech sells primarily to the reseller market, while adding a significant online presence. Arbitech assists resellers in providing the ultimate customer service to its end user account base: expertise; price; timely delivery; impeccable quality and unrivaled customer service.

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Q: You’ve recently announced relocation to larger facility; could you tell us something more?

A: As Arbitech has continued to grow we began to look for a new facility that would suit our ever changing product portfolio. Our new facility, more suited as a traditional distribution center, allows us to consolidate multiple locations; refine our quality control; and maintain the unique culture that has made Arbitech stand out in a crowded industry.

Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: We continue to focus on the domestic market while looking for unique opportunities overseas.

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Q: What can we expect from you over the next 6 months?

A: Arbitech continues to add product lines and aggressively seek new customers in new and promising verticals.

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