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ArCycle Software – Tailored Enterprise Backup And Disaster Recovery Solutions

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ArCycle delivers a new level of efficiency and reliability to SMBs and the public sector by offering Enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery solutions to its customers. Our interview below is with Max Melkov, Chief Executive Officer at ArCycle Software:

Q: Max, tell us a few words about ArCycle Software?

A: ArCycle Software is a privately-owned data protection start-up that provides replication, backup and disaster recovery solutions which are specifically adapted for our SMB and public sector customers’ virtualization environments.

We offer both end-user solutions and an open platform for building your own DR infrastructure. We support public, private and hybrid cloud for backup destinations.

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Q: The DR market is very competitive. How does ArCycle Software differentiate itself from all the other companies?

A: Our competitors mostly participate in the Enterprise market. We, in contrast, are dedicated to
providing the best available ROI cutting-edge expandable backup solutions to small and medium businesses and public sector organizations that are on a tight budget and unable to afford costly solutions. But it is not only about price. Our customers are not ready to compromise on the quality or functionality of a solution either. Therefore, we are especially technologically competitive: we support native hypervisor archive formats and sandbox mode, and we make security our primary focus.

We consider this ArCycle DR Platform to be our primary competitive advantage. This open-source, highly customizable toolkit enables the customer to implement a DR scenario of any complexity. Cyber-security is our number one priority here. Encrypted data travels through a secure tunnel and goes to a secure destination either in the public or private cloud.

Q: What companies do you consider your biggest competitors?

A: Nowadays, many backup vendors offer solutions that support the backup of virtualized environments. We acknowledge the following companies among our competitors: Veeam, Dell AppAsure, Altara, and Unitrends.

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Q: Which industries or who can benefit from ArCycle products?

A: ArCycle Software enables governments at the federal, state, and local levels to control all of the possible virtualization benefits while eliminating any risk of data loss.

With our robust solutions, we complement virtualized environments for schools and universities that ensure the continuity of educational processes. ArCycle vmBackup is an excellent fit for the generally tight budgets of academic entities. They can trust that ArCycle Software will protect the entire workflow of their Hyper-V/VMware environments and safely manage their institution’s intellectual property. Being virtualized-specific, ArCycle provides first-class performance and ensures the completion of all educational and research tasks without needing downtime.

In addition, ArCycle Software safeguards healthcare organizations’ virtual data, and enables them to comply with the exacting reliability requirements of both HIPPA and FISMA. By using ArCycle, healthcare institutions can reduce their storage expenses and prolong the retention period of their archives that contain relevant medical data.

ArCycle vmBackup also makes it possible for financial institutions to create a reliable DR plan that brings their services to a higher quality level. Since our solutions also deliver high RTO and RPO rates to banking and capital companies, that generates a continuous flow of business because it is so appealing to new customers.

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Q: Which countries does ArCycle Software focus on?

A: At this time, ArCycle Software designates the US and several countries in Western Europe, ie, Germany and Great Britain, as our top priority.

Q: Could you tell us briefly about your future revenue plans?

A: We anticipate 100% growth over the course of the next three years: 2016 – $2M and 2018 – $8M.

Q: What can we expect from ArCycle Software in the future?

A: New products and functionality, innovative marketing and steady, expansive growth.

Last Updated on March 19, 2016

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