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Asetek Helps OEMs Offer Cost Effective, High Performance Liquid Cooling Data Center Solutions

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Founded in 2000, Asetek produces liquid cooling solutions for data centers, high performance PCs and servers. With over 3.5 million liquid cooling units deployed, Asetek is the leading global liquid cooling provider to the high performance segments of the desktop PC market. Below is our recent interview with Peter Dam Madsen, ‎CFO at Asetek:

Peter Dam Madsen

Q: Peter, could you tell us something more about Asetek and your history?

A: In 1997, André Eriksen (CEO) discovered that cooling CPUs to sub zero resulted in faster CPU performance. Many games of the time were made faster in the process, and therefore easier to win. The very first Asetek coolers were compressor coolers. They were sold mostly to enthusiasts who wanted to overclock. Although successful, the number of people willing to spend $600 on a CPU cooler was limited. Instead of staying in a niche market, we decided to grow the business by developing the first sealed liquid cooler, the Asetek LCLC.

Today, Asetek® (ASETEK.OL) is the global leader in liquid cooling solutions for data centers, servers and PCs. Asetek’s server products enable OEMs to offer cost effective, high performance liquid cooling data center solutions. Its PC products are targeted at the gaming and high performance desktop PC segments. With over 3.5 million liquid cooling units deployed, Asetek’s patented technology is being adopted by a growing portfolio of OEMs and channel partners. Founded in 2000, Asetek is headquartered in Denmark and has operations in California, Texas, China and Taiwan.

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Q: Who are the primary users of Asetek products and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: We are the leading global liquid cooling provider to the high performance segments of the desktop PC market.

We solve painful customer problems by maximizing performance, reducing noise, and delivering the best gaming experience for our customer’s end-users.

With the growth of big data, cloud and high performance computing, demands on data centers around the world are expanding every year. Frequently, meeting these demands means coming up against significant obstacles in the form of operating constraints, capital constraints, and sustainability goals. Around the world, Asetek’s data center liquid cooling solutions are being used to overcome these obstacles one-by-one. Below are a few of the installations that showcase the benefits of Asetek’s liquid cooling for data centers: Reduced OPEX, Optimized CAPEX, Unleashed Performance, and Going Green.

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Q: What advantage does Asetek have over its competitors?

A: We are an engineering powerhouse.
Our engineering team is comprised of thermal, mechanical, fluid dynamics, electrical, and software engineers to deliver the best product possible.

We bring ideas to life.
We are continually making an effort to be as flexible as possible in order to bring our customer’s ideas and products to life without compromise.

We ride the bleeding edge of performance
Our current components have undergone rigorous development cycles to ensure we are sitting on the bleeding edge of performance year after year.

Our technology is industry leading.
Patented on 3 continents and 31 countries, our tech has legal precedent that for pump-on-block cooling, Asetek is the only legitimate supplier.

Our quality and reliability are second to none.
With the development of a slew of hardware to test product lifespan, performance, and reliability, all build in-house, we take our quality control seriously.

We are an excellent production partner.
Our focus on lean manufacturing drives us to find new ways to improve quality, eliminate production waste, and deliver products faster to our customers

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Q: More generally, how do you see the liquid cooling landscape developing, and where do you place yourself in the industry?

What are your plans for 2017?

With higher resolutions, higher refresh rates, and virtual reality frame quality of life is quickly becoming a focal point for many PC enthusiasts. Some games, such as VR-based games, require smooth and consistent delivery of frames to ensure an immersive and non-nauseating experience.

Unstable clockrates are born by way of constantly hitting thermal ceiling. The card will constantly boost and throttle the clockrate trying to provide the best performance within the thermal ceiling.

Unstable framerates and frame tearing are created by unstable clockrates.
By liquid cooling the GPU, we minimize these fluctuations to deliver a smooth, immersive experience.

With the release of high wattage processors like the latest Intel® Xeon Phi™ CPU/GPGPU coprocessor, NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPU and the “Skylake” series of CPUs, liquid cooling is becoming a necessity for HPC data centers.

Liquid cooling’s ability to provide the direct removal of heat from these high wattage components within the servers is well established. However, there are sometimes concerns from facilities management that need to be addressed prior to liquid cooling’s introduction to the data center. In particular, there may be concerns about running water to each and every rack. Or perhaps a fear of changing the physical layout of the racks. Thankfully, Asetek’s range of data center solutions provide heat rejection flexibility for facility teams making the transition to liquid cooling.

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